The Cure For What Ails Me

For seven long years now I’ve been experiencing lower left quadrant pain. I’ve gone to doctor after doctor … every specialist you can imagine. I’ve had test after test that are mostly inconclusive. I know I have arthritis, scoliosis, and osteopenia.   MRIs and CAT scans show nothing major and I’ve been told what I do have is not serious enough to cause the pain I’m describing.  

And all in all, the only thing that worked for me so far is amitriptyline. However I don’t want to have dementia and that is a potential side effect.  They also won’t  prescribe amitriptyline for anyone over the age of 65. I know I’m not 65 yet but how the hell am I going to break myself of something if I get addicted to it between now and then?  I am not one to do well in detox. I am a queen, drama and detox would fucking suck.  I’d be all laid up hollering, moaning and seeking attention.  

Can you hear me now? Oh wait! That’s a different commercial. And that cell phone guy has jumped ship. For a time, the ad was a classic but now dropped calls are not as frequent of an occurrence. Either that or I just have really good service.  Go figure me having luck and getting good service.  Not bad. In fact, that is amazing!  And cue belated rabbit hole alert. She’s back. 

I know potential side effect doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to get dementia. But why the hell would anybody take the chance?  So what do I do? I power through.

Until I can’t. I’ve “hit the wall” as they say.  And I lied … there is something else that worked for me. Not just the drugs. Though I prefer the drugs. Because in addition to being a queen, drama I am lazy.

So what is this magic non-elixir I’m talking about? Why it’s physical therapy.   I quit going last year after a pervy experience.  I won’t libel the guy who could be anyone and remains forever nameless.  Let’s just say that he was a little handsie.  He didn’t cross the line, but he got pretty close to it. And I just left feeling icky.  

The last few nights have been brutal.  Billy Bob telling me to do my home exercises and me actually doing them.  You know it’s bad when I resort to movement.  When nothing was happening, I realize I need an adjustment because the exercises aren’t doing a thing for me. My hip is out of place and it needs to put back in the place before the exercises will do any good. 

Yesterday, I inquired at work to see if I could go to on-site physical therapy without having to go back to see my doctor for another RX. Sure enough they would do a free pain assessment then work with my insurance and doctor if the assessment revealed I was a good candidate.  

I had my free assessment today at 2 PM. I was really hoping to have an actual session but I was told it’s against the law in Texas. I live in one of the few states that make you have a doctor’s order.  AnyWho, I’m sure my doctor will approve it.  She knows that the physical therapy worked before and she knows that I’m choosing to be medication free.  Well except all the other boat load of crap I take for other stuff 😳.  I am a hot mess! Hot as in flashes 😂

As always, more to come.