Signs Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Check out the video¬†by The Five Man Electrical Band. ¬†Now this is hilarious … the video makes me laugh. ¬†And what do we need people??? ¬†We need MORE laughter :).

I had plenty of time to think … driving almost 400 miles in a single day taking Lulu back to school for the remainder of her first year in college. ¬†Time is flying by like crazy and I am looking for answers. ¬†I need SIGNS. ¬†I hear they’re everywhere. ¬†I keep looking for them. Not having much luck.

So I think what better way to chill out? ¬†I have sworn off alcohol AND even if I hadn’t, I AM driving. ¬†Duh! ¬†But fortunately for me, music is my chemical free escape. ¬†And escape I did. ¬†Ozzy’s Boneyard at full volume started off the trip home with Quiet Riot¬†Mental Health¬†followed by BOC ¬†Don’t Fear The Reaper.

After my fucking crow incident, the backdrop to Stephen King’s the Stand was apropos. ¬†A crow really did land on my car mirror as I sat there with both windows down waiting for Lulu and her beau to come back to the car so we could grab a farewell lunch. ¬†If I was not so startled, I would have taken a picture of the little bastard. ¬†Billy Bob assures me that the bird was NOT a crow. But it sure did ka-caw like one and it was black with beady eyes. ¬†Crow enough looking to me. ¬†There has to be a sign there somewhere in that sighting. ¬†I mean really. ¬†C’mon. ¬†I am dropping off the kid in a city named Body of Christ when ¬†Randall Flagg reincarnated just happens to drop by. ¬†Belated rabbit hole alert. ¬†I am projecting my craziness.

Anyhoo, next came Megadeth¬†Sweating Bullets. ¬†I do that often … sweat bullets. ¬†The lyrics speak to me … it’s the anxiety thing ya know. ¬†Hindsight is always 20/20 but looking back it is still a bit fuzzy.

And there were more songs, oh no many fantastic¬†ones and I knew all the words kinda like church hymns, ingrained in my brain from days past. ¬†Not all that long ago, music filled a much bigger part of my life. ¬†I’m trying to reclaim some lost youth through tunes. ¬†Fuck the other stuff. ¬†Denial much. ¬†Of course!

As always, more to come.