I will survive 

Nope, not the Gloria Gaynor song.  This is the Jeff Probst Survivor.  Richard Hatch original winner Survivor. Favorite winner John Cochran who become a writer thanks to exposure from the show Survivor. That one.  Do you know it?  

Tonight they premiered game changers.  I know I missed my window. But I still want to be in a damn challenge. I think they should build a Survivor amusement park.  I’d pay to go through obstacles and compete.  I should’ve made my video all those years ago and sent my name in. Lol!

I guess I’ll have to settle for watching Mister hottie hot stuff Malcolm.  Oh so close in the last challenge.  Of course Troyzan is the more age appropriate crush.  Whatever I ‚̧ԳŹ Billy Bob anyway. 

As always, more to come.  

I Spruced Up The Place

I have re-branded my blog musings and rambling or rambling and musings … SEE, I already forgot the original name. ¬†Oh, and I will STILL continue to muse and rambling because that is part of my DNA. ¬†Long winded much? ¬†Why yes, yes I am! ¬†I was very excited when I realized that I could customize my theme¬†and not lose anything.

  1. I changed the site title adding soon to be called Grin and Bear It.
  2. I picked what I hope is an aesthetically pleasing color palette from the limited wordpress choices.
  3. I changed the font and then changed it back to default.  I hate that the title is in all CAPS and I am unsure how I can adjust that.  Nitpick but the all CAPS driving me crazy.
  4. I added a logo that came from my daughter in loves blog – the one and only Lady Serene.
  5. I moved the widgets around in the footer.
  6. I looked at but still cannot figure out the menu placement.
  7. I took off musing and rambling altogether and the site title became J-Dub’s Grin & Bear It.
  8. That title produces very weird emails so the apostrophe and ampersand are out.

Why Grin and Bear It? ¬†Well there are too many other “musings” “ramblings” or some combination there of. ¬†Also, musing and rambling was a somewhat obvious choice and not all that personal to ME. ¬†I wasn’t feeling that any more . ¬†I want¬†to be unique in a world full of brilliant creative types (yes I am talking about YOU my fellow bloggers) ¬†Shout out sisters and brothers! ¬†You know who you are! ¬†I am awed and amazed daily by the talent¬†in the blogosphere.

I am very decisive in some parts of my life and not so much in others so deciding on a new name was hard.  Everything was either just okay, good even or not that much different.  I simply could not decide.  Then serendipity came from a comment to a fellow blogger; I mentioned the idiom grin and bear it to describe myself.  Now that IS me! That is all I know how to do. Grin and bear (not bare) it.  I can be a smiling fool!

Ba-da-boom, Ba-da-bing! Presto Change-O!

Rabbit hole alert РSpeak English by Stomper Dad is a must read.  I am sharing it now because I used the word idiom above.  And squirrel, I thought about his post.  I also thought about my dad who spoke Czech until he was 7 years old and entered 1st grade.  How hard it must have been for him to learn english.

I have always been fascinated by geeky nerdy things like word origins, meanings, grammar and such. ¬†I heart colloquialisms. ¬†In fact, I have written two pieces on them. ¬†I cannot for the life of me find them in my archives. ¬†I wanted to¬†link them here but doing so is not worth the extra effort. ¬†Dang … I am missing Survior. ¬†Hurry, J-Dub, hurry!!!

Anyway, back to business. ¬†My new digs! ¬†I hope you feel at home here. Come into my home/heart/blog and let’s talk. ¬†As I channel my inner Granny Clampett:

Set a spell, Take your shoes off.¬†Y’all come back now, y’hear?

As Always, More to Come.