Friday Musings ~ Sad Yet Hopeful

Yesterday I learned of the passing of someone recently displaced from his job after 20 plus years.  The manner in which this happened does not bear repeating.  Sorry, not sorry for being vague.

People want to blame his death on the drastic change in employment status.  Me?  I have to wonder.  People lose jobs all the time.  Instead I look for no assignment of “blame”.  Theirs (or ours) is not to reason why ….

Oh but human nature dictates that we want to know WHY!  Does the reason matter?  Perhaps in the way of prevention?  Ultimately the truth is we never really know what someone is going through.

This morning I blasted a happy email to my work family by Bcc.   I did not want to be the cause of another “reply all” situation.  My share or over share was my way of processing a loss.  I like to think a Friday morning cheer helped.  I was on the fence, overanalyzing as usual whether to send or not to send.  I am glad I pushed that button.  Doing something nice for someone else should be automatic.

Kid President says  “Just tell people they’re awesome and mean it”.  Well YOU … everyone of you who are reading this post and all of your tribe too; you are awesome!! I mean it ❤

As always, more to come.