Woman’s Best Friend

This was taken six years ago. I wonder what he’s thinking 🤔. He’s my skittish one. He doesn’t want to get in his harness but he doesn’t want to be left behind. Silly doggie. ❤️❤️❤️


Weird Sunday 🐏 bling

Get it? Rambling.

Funny 😁

I’m trying to keep it light hearted. Thanksgiving is around the corner. The start of the holiday season. Truth be told, I’m not feeling it and haven’t in many years. People do what they feel obligated to do whether they want to or not. Going into debt for things that don’t fill the void. What’s the point?

We’ve gone from over the top to very low key. Add in Lulu’s and my birthdays as theses last weeks of 2019 are already stressing me out. I’m trying to center myself and focus on what matters. And putting this out there now. If I don’t wanna, I’m not gonna. Ugh 😩 Calgon take me away.

#SLS for 11/17/19 ~ “I Thank You”

Jim gives us the prompts did/didn’t/do/does/doesn’t.

This Texas girl automatically thinks of the ZZ Top cover of “I Thank You”. ZZ Top was a favorite for a brief time. I remember once when my brother won their album Rio Grande Mud by being the 2nd caller with the right answer to a trivia question. The first caller actually got concert tickets.

My brother is the luckiest unlucky guy I know meaning he’s been through some tough times in his life. Still he almost always won any time he’d enter a contest or raffle even if not first place. I lost count of how many items he won off the radio 📻. He had a system and always got through. When I’d try, I’d get a busy signal. Every.Single.Time! 😂

“I Thank You” was written by Songwriters: David Porter / Isaac Hayes. ZZ Top covered it on their 1979 album: Degüello. This version of the song is the only one I ever knew. Super excited when that happens. Makes me happy when musicians appreciate each other. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Reminds me of the CMAs and the cross over blending of genres.

Here you go … lyrics within.

Here’s another example. I think it actually like it better. That keyboard 🎹. Those horns 🎷.

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