Withdrawals from Urban Fun

Not sure what you’re expecting to see here with that title.  Sounds nasty.   But this is not about that.

I wanted to ramble about how much I miss working downtown.  Everything about it!!! And right now, urban fun is about to bloom.  Playland Pizza is selling by the slice again.  Yum-O!!!  Next Tuesday, there is a networking event at Geekdom to speak about “Holidays on East Houston Street”.  And I am going to miss it!!!!  Both the networking event which likely would have included hot chocolate AND the holiday festivities themselves with definitely will include a pop up ice skating rink opening next month through February 2020.   

Oh well, could be worse.  Guess that’s all.  Out of my system.

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of the CMA’s 2019

Country music is my least favorite of the music genres but I decided to watch the CMAs since our Hopper automatically records this stuff and I am still convalescing but feeling well enough to do more than sleep.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  So much so that I watched it twice.  B came into the room a few times asking “what are you watching?”  He commented “that’s not country” more than once.  Talk about your evolution.  A definite blending … cross over … call it what you want.  Country music is almost indiscernible to pop.

Rating two thumbs up 🙂

As always, more to come.