Weird Friday 🐏 blings

I’ll file this under corny but I love my little ram 🐏 emoticon. Feeling happy. My heart is full ❤️

See that? In the picture above … that’s the hand of a DIY mechanic and all around handy guy.  My B.  ❤

We went to breakfast this morning at the jalisco around the corner.  On the way home, my car wouldn’t start.  We improvised and walked home so as not to wake my father in law.  We went back in B’s truck and he jumped the battery which got me home.  I turned off the car then immediately tried to turn over the engine again but the battery was dead.  A sure sign that this was not going to be that simple.

Any way, forwarding to the end, B stopped on the way home from picking up Lulu and got a new battery … mine was one month past the expiration of the warranty.  Bummer.  But I am back in business and that’s what really matters.

Truth be told, I enjoyed the walk home.  The weather cooperated.  The rain did not fall until we were safely ensconced in our cave.  Only 1319 steps though.  That’s nothing.  Maybe we should walk to the jalisco every month?  Sounds heavenly.

As always, more to come.