#SLS for 11/24/19 ~ “Be Our Guest”

When Pony was three, I took him to his first movie – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  He was so little, he could not keep the seat down.  My friend Julie was with me and he alternated between our laps and standing – holding tight to the seat back in front of us.  Years later he admitted the opening scene scared him … if you’ve seen it, it is very dark and stormy night.  But despite that something in the drama intrigued him.  And now 28 years later, the movie is still in his top 10.  For nostalgia more than anything else of course.  The song I picked was “Be Out Guest”  which fits the FEAST part of Jim’s theme Bounty/Dessert/Eat/Feast/Food/Hungry/Turkey prompt.  I took the easy route with lyrics within the video. Songwriters: Howard Elliott Ashman / Alan Menken.  Be Our Guest lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company.

Happy Sunday folks.  Hope you enjoy. Here are the rules and ping back.


18 thoughts on “#SLS for 11/24/19 ~ “Be Our Guest”

  1. I was pregnant with my daughter when we took our two boys to the first showing of Beauty and the Beast and to this day, it is her favorite movie. She has a rose tattoo with the words, “Tale as old as time.”

    However this scene became the fav of my sons and late husband and they would sing it at EVERY family dinner! 😄😄

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