I Shouldn’t Have Answered The Phone

But I did answer.  Sucker that I am and it was the blood bank.  And since I am not type O, they need me.  I told the guy I just donated.  Seems like it anyways … right here.

Of course, I did not have this timestamp available while on the phone so I made another appointment.  Google save me!  I checked “how often can one donate blood?”  Answer: Minimum eight weeks – 56 days to be exact.  Google save me again.  “Calculate duration between dates”  Answer: Oops, only 50.

I need liquid courage for this stuff.  Water not wine .. the elixir of life. Or is that blood.  Ugh! Guess I will bump out that appointment.  My never again is around the corner.

As always, more to come.


4 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Have Answered The Phone

  1. Thank you for donating no matter when you can. Recently my daughter required seven units in one week. People like you literally saved her life. She might not be here otherwise.

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  2. i am a universal donor, type o neg…….so I get calls constantly! I only do donations once every six months or so as I give full plasma. good for you though!

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    1. I know the need is dire but they have my records and scheduled me for less than eight weeks any way. I’m going to push the appointment out until the middle of December at least.

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