#SoCS for 11/16/19 ~ “dream”

Good morning y’all.  Time once again for #SoCS.  First, I’ve got one question for you.

What day is it? 

Yep, I know I just said time once again for #SoCS and that means today must be Saturday, but How? Who? What? Why? now add Where? and When? and I’ll be there.  That’s right James Taylor, “you just call out my name” And that’s more than one question silly Jilly.

This past week has been a blur.  I existed in a dream like state somewhere between sickness and wellness.  I don’t remember being that sick in a long time.  At first I thought it was the flu even though I’d already had my shot.  I went in mainly to get better meds and a note for work.  As things turn out, I had strep throat.  Yuck! And how does one catch that?  I googled causes of course and stopped right before I went over the edge;  the germ-o-phobe in me taking on an even higher state of vigilance.

Any Who, What, Why, When or Where this house is clean so let’s tackle the prompt.  Linda says and I repeat here:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dream.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I read the above yesterday and drew a complete blank.  I kept thinking and only song lyrics popped into my head.  Ooohhhh “dream” would be an awesome #SLS prompt which may have already been done.  Can’t recall as every “dream weaver” song floated around in ye old noggin.

Then I remembered I used to write down my dreams or plans for life in general in my diary.  This practice dates back to my pre-teens.  I named my hypothetical children and future mister and overall where I hoped to be on those pages.  Silly naive girl, ever so sure the world would turn out fantastic for her because life is that way or that’s what the songs say but I stopped doing that … dreaming.  Sad because everyone should have dreams or maybe not if they are fantasies.  “Life is just a fantasy can you live this fantasy life?  Oh no” Aldo Nova.

See! only song lyrics.  Guess I’m outta stream.  Now I will close with ABBA …

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