#SoCS for 9/29/18 ~ dom

Here we go on Mister Toad’s wild ride aka #SocS.  Without skipping at beat, Linda says our prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dom.” Use it as a word, or find a word that starts or ends with it. Have fun! and Jilly McGillicutty is off!

MSU – Making Stuff Up

Thursday I was in an all day training session.  The instructor was a jokester making boring material fun to learn.  She quipped, we are always MSU around here, you know what that means?  Making stuff up. She proceeded to joke her way through the exercises.  She played music in the background unless we were watching some You Tube – Dan Pink’s Drive.  Check out anything he has done, you’ll love it.  I promise.  She also called a girl in the class a biatch (spelled phonetically for effect) because the girl folded some of the class materials which were meant to be re-used. The instructor apologized for her sense of humor.  Said she grew up on base riding the base bus with 18 to 22-year-old soldiers and that apparently informed her comicality.

I for one think she had the freeDOM to be as sarcastic as she wanted to be.  I am not easily offended.  Usually not easily offended … sometimes … okay … not really. And in corporate America being snarky and calling your student a bitch is really frowned upon.  Okay to act like a bitch maybe but not to be called out for it.  Where is the freeDOM in that?

Any who, since I was in class, I missed the circus that came to town.  And you can guess to which act under the Big Top I am referring because this was a three-ring mother fucker.  Mother-fucker, mother-fucker, mother-fucker.  No matter WHICH side you are on.

Someone please wake me up, I must be dreaming.

Rules and Ping Back.

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “#SoCS for 9/29/18 ~ dom

  1. Three ring mother fucker is a perfect description. Someone I know is working out of the country right now. I asked him what it looked like to outsiders. His description? “A circus.”

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    1. I had not head the acronym before. At first I thought she was using a work term. fun to see how many iterations of MSU we could come up with.


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