Out of Context

What’s this world coming to?  Age old question.  Lately things are a bit much.  Overwhelming.  I read too much.  B tells me to unplug.  That I’d feel better. Back when I was seeing a therapist, she said the same.  I do unplug for 30 minutes before bedtime every night but this week I am reading non-fiction. Doh!  that is not escaping.

Part of me wants to be the little lion that roared.  By my staying silent am I condoning bad behavior?  Should I be brave enough to express my opinions?

Maybe I should? Or are my opinions just another form of judgment?  Preachy much?  I think not.  Let the angry be angry.  Not my circus, not my monkey.

Though I’d like to say if push comes to shove I’d stand up.  When it counts, when the time is right that I’d kick ass and take names.  Until that time comes thank goodness for B and the brain trust.  Mi Familia.  My cocoon from the insanity.

As always, more to come.