On This Day

B was at work, Lulu was at Salem Sayers Mother’s Day Out, and Pony was in school. I was working night shift but had the night off.

P and I were planning dad’s annual birthday party at either Pesos Cafe or Snoga’s where dad would treat all of us to lunch on HIS birthday!  We’d go back to the house for cake and ice cream afterwards. We stayed on the phone (not saying much) just to be connected as we watched our TVs simultaneously, in two different cities.

One crash, then two, then they are saying the crash was on purpose. People jumping from buildings.  “Why would they do that?” I asked my sister.  “As an option to burning to death” she replied.

No words! All of it was un-freaking-believable. One of those moments that we’d look back on and remember where we were and what we were doing on that infamous day.

My dad would be 102 today (9/11/18) if he were still alive.  He liked to celebrate and lived a good life.  He taught us well and we live by his examples.  Be kind.  Service before self.

Here are two candid pictures from his party on that Saturday after September 11, 2001.

They are all that I can find.  I am grateful I have them.  I am grateful we didn’t cancel his birthday party.  I am grateful that we will NEVER forget.

*** First published on FB in 2014 ***

As always, more to come.