Schaefer’s Skimmers & Sippers

That’s my club yo.

We had book club business at the top of the hour. Turns out someone is not returning because the books we read are too “dark”. Not even.

We do alternate between fiction and nonfiction. Some of the non-fiction was rough. I couldn’t finish Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge. The first chapter broke my heart and I was through.

Though I do have an affliction of being drawn to the horrors of life. Give me true crime. Give me memoirs of broken people. Gritty and raw or fiction that reads that way. Thank you Jodi Picoult!

I’ve been told by my former therapist don’t read that genre anymore if doing so makes you anxious. And still I pick them. Whether they’re book club fodder or not.

And at least half of the book club is usually talking about anything but the book. Like tonight for example current events came into the equation. Then we veered to Europeans being more free with their bodies. And Diana Ross squeezing lil Kim’s pastie at the VMAs. Google it! You know you want to. Next up someone shared a personal experience running cross country. Shirtless boys but girls who had to wear shirts over sports bras.

Love how we hop down rabbit holes. Never a dull moment. And there was even disagreement and healthy debate. Legalize prostitution? You be the judge.

AnyWho. I am super excited to share my find. Before we got down to business, I saw a display that had been arranged with several book bundles. The library branches are competing against each other to increase their checkout rate. I was happy to oblige. Guess what I picked?

Drum roll please.

Ratatat Tat Ratatat Tat Ratatat Tat

Wah-la! Non-fiction. Can’t wait to dive in. It’s about time for the power down hour anyway. When I’m done, I’ll post reviews.

As always more to come.

Balcony KK-4

Balcony KK-4 means something y’all!!!!

This morning started off rough.

Then even keel.  Then the text from hell.  Which you read into.  In absence of evidence make stuff up.  Imagine the most horrible.  Pray it comes true!

Maintain control mama.  You can’t fix everything for her.  Hell you can’t fix ANYTHING!  Let things unfold.  Deep breath, pretend. Go to meetings and work rather productively.

Quitting time. Fill up your glass to go.  Because you like crushed ice.  And you need to drink MORE water.

Drive home tentatively.  Which is another accident waiting to happen.  Get home.  B is in the field shredding.  His parent’s place first.  Dammit.  He is a nice guy.  You are lucky and you know it!

And you knew he had to shred while the weather was cooperating.  You will catch up later tonight because you have book club.  And you are rushing.  You drop your lunch bag onto counter which topples your glass full of iced water with the nice ice from work.  Damn incentive.  Drink more water my ass. ;).  The spill is heading toward the mail that you grab as quick as you can.  Water bill is toast.  How ironic is that?   This toast is not wet.  You got it?  Of course you would.  But good because I was wondering.

Your mind is spinning.  You see a certain piece of mail and scream sH!t!  That cannot get wet.  You begin to tear it open quickly and thank goodness the contents can be saved.  Not even damp.  Yippee!!!! Now safely tucked away in the hide-e-hole until showtime!

This rambling stream was brought to you courtesy of it helps to write because writing the crazy gets it out of my head and/or I had to unleash the hounds.  Aaaaaahhh Calgon take me away.  What a spoiled entitled princess I am!!!!! So not worthy, so not worthy!!!!

As always, more to come.

What A Way To Start My Day

Happy Monday Bloglandia!!

My day started off grand with a fender bender.  Seems someone (not me) was late for work.  As we stopped in the crossover waiting for the traffic to pass, the car behind me decided to make a run for it and dart around me and across the lanes into Lone Star Bakery parking lot.  I was looking right and didn’t see him as he was in my blind spot.  Once the lanes were clear, I turned left into him.  Low speed/low impact, no insurance.  Figures!  He was on the other side of the double yellow lines, clearly his fault.  And he was still late for work.  Bexar county sheriff showed up, took report, issued tickets and off we went.

At times like this I become reflective.  I wonder who I pissed off for karma to get me like this.  Payback.  I always assume I am deserving of payback for something.  Because if you could read my mind.  Well, let’s just say good thing you can’t.

I am jittery and do not want to drive.  I want a chauffeur.  Is that too much to ask?  Princess needs a body-guard.

As always, more to come.