Someone Took My Story Idea

OK so not really but sort of, kind of, maybe?

I was going to post Tales from the Tree as in Dollar Tree and write some things about Lulu’s experience with a minimum wage stocking/cashier position. I never did more than one or two stories because quite frankly the tales were sad so very very sad.

I picked this particular book because:

  1. it’s based in Austin and I’m a native Texan
  2. the author’s last name is Helton and I know it’s very sweet individual who’s maiden name is Helton
  3. it takes place in the 80s and that’s the generation of my youth
  4. and the cover just caught my attention as I was quickly in and out of the library on my lunch break looking for yet another book to tide me over until the next book club selection.
  • I’d say it’s similar to Lulu’s situation … not the poor decision part but the bad job/being part of the working class.
  • AnyWho, I will update you guys once I finish. It’s small and I’ll probably be done by tomorrow. You know especially because I have a cut off time for turning off all electronics 30 minutes before bedtime. Yep I’m old and predictable and trying to get a yeti cup. Figure that one out. Lol 😆
  • As always, more to come.