Work Flex Puppy Perks

I worked from home today so that I could wrangle my dogs to the vet for their annual check-ups.  Easier to put in a full days work without the commute even though my commute is a VERY short one. And now it is raining, right as I need to get ready to go.  Good thing I am not made of sugar ;).

I am taking a pause because I don’t want to get wet if I don’t have to.  I baked in my extra 1/2 hour just  in case.  In case of what you ask?  In case of Armageddon of course.  One never knows what may befall him on the way to an appointment.

As I sit here and muse, I just realized my boys are 8 1/2 years old.  Yep!  They have passed me up.  8.5 x 7 dog years = 59.5 human years.  They still have a spring in their steps albeit slower.  And they are not eating as much as they once did.  And I am worried now cuz that’s how I roll.  Something always has to be wrong.

Stop it!  I tell myself.  They are going to live forever or at least for several more years!!!  Here they are, looking mighty fine.  Buddy head up pulling away and Spot (with his big red spot) sniffing the ground.  Off we go!  Wish me luck.


As always, more to come.



Good Night Nurse!!

Wonder who coined that expression?

I do and I had to look it up.  But alas Mr. Google is not my friend today.  I did find a podcast that loosely answers the question but I want a definite answer.  As I continued to look, I got caught in a loop re: a New Zealand punk band called Good Night Nurse.  Cool name for a band but not an answer to my question.

Thing is I say good night nurse! all the time.  Almost like a F-bomb but instead of the F bomb.  I never stopped to think about what it meant before now.  Who knows? I may have been going around offending all the peeps.  I doubt it but ya never know.

Any Who.  This is not about that.  This is about my hidden treasures.  Man I keep digging and I keep finding stuff in the office.  Good night nurse!

Stay with me here.

I had this 12″ x 12″ x 6″ bin on a 16″ x 12″ shelf.  Bin shown below:


When set upon the shelf, I had 2″ on each side where I stuffed assorted mail.  Then I piled papers inside the bin and overflowing until said papers touched the top of the shelf.  Basically I had a 16″ x 12″ cube of crap!  While I sat here and worked, papers would slip out and I’d just shove them back in.  Perhaps I need a before picture as this feat will never be accomplished again 🙂

Once I got the paper (some things from as far back as 2015) outta there, I found trinkets.  Bookmarks galore!  Ribbons and pins (I used to collect pins and now Lulu does).  Several lanyards as Lulu keeps breaking or losing hers.  Next time I will give her one for free from my “store”.  Loads of emery boards (nail files for all you youngsters).  Guess I need to get some free stuff from my “store” as well.

As I organized my loot, two items struck me most:

  1. B’s driver’s license.  The one that expired in 2014.  He is unrecognizable as the picture is from 2010.  Grief had taken a toll on him.  When he saw my find, he simply said “Let’s burn it”.  In 2013, he made some major life changes that likely saved his life when fell in 2014.  Man what one forgets. Until boom! A photo from the past reminds us that change is possible.  Inevitable actually, occurring silently as we sit.
  2. This egg.    img_4179 Cingular has not been around for a while now.  A long way from a smart phone but historical right?  Wonder if any techno-collectors would want this thing?  Probably not.  Guess I will take it to the kiosk so it is disposed of properly.

As always, more to come.