Nostalgic Rainy Day Makes For The Best Anniversary Gift Ever!! <3

We planned a mini trip to the Texas hill country and then B got word about his job.  Plan A was cancelled.  We are pulling back on the purse strings until more is known.

Plan B: have a nice breakfast at the Gunther House.  Then stroll along the River Walk while I add to my portfolio / cache.  For those who know B, this gift is priceless.  The River Walk is not his thing anymore.  After the fall while working on the St. Anthony, he does not have it in him any more.  PTSD is real y’all.  I forget what he went through since he keeps his feelings to himself but the trauma is always there underneath. Lurking!

Plan C:  Denny’s and Walmart walking.  Three was the charm.   Comfort food breakfast with biscuits and grape jelly always satisfies.


In Walmart, I made laps around while B shopped for his deer camp supplies.  During this stroll, a story idea came to mind.  Might not pan out but I made a note of my idea this time.  We were trapped there for quite a while as the rain became much heavier, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat pounding on the roof.  Good thing the heavy stuff turned to drizzle and we made a run for it or we may have come home with a NEW big screen TV.

Back home and I am attempting to finish my project of organizing this office.  Except right now I am taking a break.  To count my blessings and publish this post.  I will never be done.  And here is why:


Why I Can’t Finish My Project


I keep finding hidden gems.  Even more pictures than shown.  In almost every nook and cranny.  On the TV tray I have headphone box (do I keep or do I recycle?), Evelyn and Crabtree box for memory sake (has magnet latch, I know I can re-purpose), Ancestry DNA (need to check back and see if that potential first cousin ever answered back), Magnolia Bakery bag from NYC (I’d LOVE to go back) and finally the five generation picture.

July 1988 – Five Generations: Grandma B., Grandma TuTu, Popo, B and Pony Boy 

I found it.  Hip, hip hurrah!  Now back to work!

As always, more to come.


#SoCS for 9/15/18 ~ Post

Good morning bloglandia!  I hope this POST finds you in good spirits.  The lovely Linda has given us the following prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “post.” Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix. Have fun!


Think, think, and think.

Post or post prefix can go oh so many ways.

To the left, take it back now y’all

One hop this time, right foot let’s stomp

Left foot let’s stomp, cha cha real smooth

Cha-cha Slide!!!  Doh! Ear worm was so last week.  Snap out of it Jilly.

POST is the prompt today.

Hurry up, you’ve got places to go and people to see.

Plus the timer is already, tick, tick, ticking.

P-oetry and prose, written by virtual pen to virtual paper

O-riginal, magnum opus of the literary kind

S-oulful symphony of words 

T-hreading through space and time

I think that qualifies as acrostic.  But even if not, buzz, buzz, buzz went the buzzer!

If you’d like to join this merry band of prompt respondents or read their works extraordinaire, look here for the Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.