Friday Book Club: Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger

My no spoilers Goodreads review follows: The story was entertaining and keep my attention for the most part. Short little chapters all uniquely titled and thematic much like the title of the book itself. Ripped from the headlines stories that were sort of made light of. I wanted to like Peyton but I couldn’t. No sympathy from me.

I so wanted to love this book because you know… the author wrote The Devil Wears Prada. But alas, just okay. I only wrote one quote for my common place book.

“Didn’t matter if you liked it, or needed it, or if it was a genuinely good or useful product, so long as everyone thought you were cool for having it”

This ends my 2021 reading list. I read 37 books after having committed to reading 12. I’m going with 12 again in 2022 since given the zaniness of my life, one book a month is more realistic. I’ve lost my mojo again anyway and the pace has slowed way down. I’m also not retaining much. Very scattered and distracted which probably means I should commit to reading more. To escape! Aahhh now that’s the stuff.

As always more to come.