Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/16/21

I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof …

I’m like a long tail cat in a room full of rockers …

In others words, I’m triggered … just a tad

So this happened yesterday …

Lulu, her BF and I were returning home to pick up Pony and B so that we could attend Lightscape at the SA Botanical Gardens. As we approach the intersection, to turn right onto our street, there were several people in the road who were flagging us down to stop. Then a cop car drove up behind and went around us, then another in quick succession.

We rolled down the window to ask what’s up? and were told a madman in that car down there blocking the entrance to our driveway was hauling A up and down the road, knocking out several mailboxes and doing donuts in our yard. He was doing all this as he and his passenger were screaming at each other so loudly, the people outside in their yards could hear.

This was the series of unfortunate of events lightning striking twice. Lulu called her daddy with trepidation as the BF and I, listened on speaker. B said we were pulling his chain, that he heard nada, and that the dogs didn’t even bark. He and Pony went out to look and saw the couple by their car, still screaming but fortunately police at the scene.

We told them to walk to MoMo and PoPo’s and we’d pick them up there. Did a U-ee and drove to the back way in. They told us as they climbed into the car that best they could tell the donuts were done in our neighbor C & R’s yard. No one was home or hurt. Whew! Pony remarked “they had a nice car … Mercedes and dad did you see his shoes? Those red Nikes are $3000 a pair”. Me “WTF, for shoes? Drug dealer. 10/30/06 all over again. Sacrebleu”. Yep I did say all those things. lol

We’ll never know the outcome since we had things to do and places to be. I’m numb to the possibilities I think. Instead I’m taking my mind to Lightscape. I’ll write more about that awesome experience later. For now, check this out … good times were had by all.

As always, more to come.