Release the Hounds ~ 12/27/21

WP people help a sister out. I need to vent with a capital V over some seriously champagne variety problems. A cell phone is a necessity. Yeah I said it. Much like water and electricity. Not to make calls (though the original intended use is still beneficial) but to connect to work.

Brief backstory. Pony’s alarm on his phone went off this morning like usual but he couldn’t turn it off. The screen was blank. He kept punching and what would’ve been the alarm app and eventually it stopped. He did all the diagnostic things because he can but still nothing. Blank screen though he could feel the haptics (whatever the heck that is) working.

We went to an ATT store, only to be told we don’t do warranties in store, you have to go online. Due to the work situation, we explained we needed the phone today! Oh so sorry but were told no worries, the warranty department can expedite.

Back home, online … many hours later and ugh! Guess how that went? C’mon three guesses. Did they do right us by? Nope. They did not.

We were transferred and lied to and transferred some more. At the last transfer, we were put back to the beginning of the queue. This final liar, a newbie, still wet behind his ears, but who shall remain nameless, referred us to uBreakiFix as an alternative to waiting. ATT (through Jesus) without affiliation to do so, claims uBreakiFix would repair or replace right there on the spot.

Well we made an appointment with a branch of uBreakiFix that was right next to a different ATT store so we could hop on over there afterwards if necessary. The tech at uBreakiFix was gobsmacked. Uh no, we cannot replace your phone. We are not a retail store but yes if under warranty, we will fix it.

Yay! And why was this not told to us at the beginning?!?!? We’d understand an immediate repair option. Tech further explains, this is common occurrence where the LCD screen goes out. A KNOWN DEFECT. Everything else about the phone is working but yeah, he is not surprised, in fact his phone did the same.

Sadly, he does not have the part in the right color. And mix matching colors is not allowed for parts/inventory etc… and consumers don’t want that either. Samsung should plan for desperate consumers who just want to go back to work. Let us mix would ya?! We called the two other corporate branches of uBreakiFix and they all have the same issue … no part in the same color and no they cannot use the bronze or white instead of black.

One option was to buy off the contract and get a new phone @ 2k! Ommfg!!! Or go back to the warranty division and jump through their rings of fire. Which is what we did. I made the poor girl spell her name and type in specifically that this claims is not water or physical damage but rather a KNOWN defect where LCD screens give up the ghost. They are expediting; the new phone should arrive in 1 to 2 days. We have 10 days to return the original phone or there will be a $1299 plus tax penalty. The mofos. But all in all, tragedy avoided right?

Well I can’t leave well enough alone. I found a franchise uBreakiFix (don’t use non corporate says the tech at the first place, they are not as good). Well maybe but their Yelp beat your Yelp, take that 4.1, franchisee is 4.7!! And this franchisee has 3 in the right color. I’m going there tomorrow and if they will honor the 20 days left in the warranty, then we’ll do the ole LCD screen switcheroo. If not, it is $289 and we’ll say screw that noise and wait for the new phone.

Hindsight being 20/20, we should’ve looked at all the places to see if any had the part. We quit too soon. Still overwhelmed with options. Still anxious to get this resolved. Meanwhile the world burns. Small potatoes as “they” whoever “they” are say.

Ok, lemme let ya go. I’ve ranted too much already.

As always, more to come.