Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/2/21

Oooh. Today’s a lottery playing day with that numerical anagram. Did I use that word right? No time to waste. Moving on.

As I completed month end reconciliation yesterday I was pissed. Grumble rumble fumble beeswax. Ugh! No place to go but up!

And the day ended on a hilarious note that I’m still laughing about this morning. I’d tell you want happened but I’d break the bank in word count. It’s a story that when I tried to tell B, I couldn’t finish without cracking up. So imagine writing that out. I’d need some of John’s mad writing skillz to relay the funnies.

Okie doke. I’m ready for anything. I can conquer the woes with smiling and over all silliness. Life’s too short to waste being all irritated.

As always more to come.