Sunday Reflections ~ 11/15/20

Hey y’all! I’m looking back on this week and boy howdy do I have stuff to share. As I write this my nerves are jingle, jangle, jingling. Let’s stick to formalities and conduct the roll call.

#SLS for 11/8/20 – Prompt was days of the week.  I picked the Cure’s Friday I’m in Love <3.  1990’s goodness.

Haiku – First & Heal ~ 11/9/20 – Praying for healing.  For my Lulu.  Prayers were answered.

Share Your World ~ 11/10/20 – More therapy with zoo animals among the questions of the week.  

#1linerWeds. 11/11/20 -We remember all who served.

How Many Pumps of Hand Sanitizer Does it Take? ~ 11/12/20 – Released some hounds.  Not ever getting a dexa again.  I will break my hip and die when the time comes.  And if that happens, then that will be how things were meant to be.  Or not.  Controller will cease trying to predict the future.

Life Lesson ~ 11/13/20 – I wrote about a not so flattering memory of my dad.  Except as unflattering as it was, I think the outcome showed progress.  We’re never too old to learn how to be better.  I try  Plus I’m proud of my G’ma.  She was a force to be reckoned with.   

FB & WP Could Be Talking to Each Other – twofer since I had taken the day off.  Kind of, sort of, not really.  But I did not work hard and/or a full day.  

#SoCS for 11/14/20 – Capstone silliness that started with the prompt word “ring” any way you like it 🙂

Whew! I am tired y’all.

Ok, time to share. Monday after I did my dexa, as I was back at work, Lulu nudged open my office door holding a sign that read “I NEED to TALK to YOU!” Turns out, her boss of six days, called in response to an email she sent on the Saturday before last. In that email, she basically asked for her job back. She had copied a template from Google and filled it in to meet her situation.

Boss “How do you know your Internet is fixed”

Lulu “Well, nothing is guaranteed but there have been no interruptions since we installed our own router; a Google nest.

Boss “I had the same issue with the same ISP and used the same resolution, purchase of my own router. We have two classes 11/16 and 12/14. We’ll get you into one of those”

And folks. tomorrow is the BIG day. And I feel nauseous. The what ifs are kicking my ass.

Pony says “Mom calm down. We had an issue and we fixed it. End of story”

Me: What if a 3rd machine using the router is one too many? What if we have Armageddon? What if Chicken Little the sky is falling? They won’t give her a 3rd chance!!!

Now to make sure tomorrow is a day free of problems with technology. Like I can control any of this anyway. Whatever is supposed to happen is what’s going to happen. Internet gods be with us.

Now that’s a wrap! Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ 11/15/20

  1. Thanks for your like (I guess you saw me on One-liner Wednesday, eh?) Oh boy, Armaggedon – I’m not ready fo that yet! Hope you have an easier, mot comfortable week:) Jes

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    1. Thanks Janet! As I sit here again at the PC, all is well with the technology. Uploads/downloads/sideways. We are supposed to have enough speed for a 4400 sqft home yet we are only 2200 sqft. Fingers definitely crossed and toes too. LOL

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