A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

… otherwise known as Friday Reflections by one J-Dub McGillicutty. I am on this Corona kick. Still talking about the pandemic. I was worried for Lulu at her job interview yesterday. All due to the dreaded virus. Off and on since March I have written to release my fears. At one point back in July I was even dreaming about it. See the following:

Ed, Two Bills, and a Jeff

Dang you new editor, I still have issues with linky links. But I digress, let’s move on.

Moving on. Last night I learned my buddy Matt’s dad tested positive. He had moved to a nursing home in Illinois having been there just two weeks. The nursing home was on lockdown so how pray tell did he get it? Well the staff of course. Someone brought it in unknowingly. Those poor residents are at the mercy of others. Captives! Ugh.

But I have no control. To dwell is counter productive. Instead I will move on again. This time to something more lighthearted. The election!

Naw, not going political. Saving that for dinners with the brain trust. Though I am amused, because I can be.  Privileged white chick that I am.

I saw a Hermione Granger meme that cracked me up. “You’re saying it wrong, it’s not voter fraud, it’s math”. Even more funny if you watched the Potter movies since Hermione apparently has a thing for math. Then there is my buddy Nacho who posted he would unfriend/hide/delete your ass of anyone who dared to stir up sH!t on his feed. He added he would do this “faster than Nevada counts votes”. Now that’s funny. To me. Aren’t we all just exhausted by this?

That is all for today. Wishing you a fabulous #free48. Make it a good one.

As always, more to come.