Share Your World ~ 11/17/20

I’m baaack! And Awaaaay we go! Thanks Melanie for hosting.

Oddball Questions:

Is cereal soup? Why or why not? Nope. Soup is soup. Cereal is cereal. Some cold cereal with milk can acquire a soup like texture if it sits too long. I like my cereal crunchy. That’s why the cereal milk bar in NYC grossed me out. It is also why when I worked in the office I ate my cereal dry with a carton of milk chaser. People always commented how strange that was until I explained why.

What are some interesting ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”? How’s it going is a loaded question. Don’t ask it if you don’t want to know the answer. I might just answer “things suck!” depending on when you ask me.

No one ever asked me what do you do. For a decade of my 36 year career I had an “elevator speech” which is a shorthand way to tell an executive what you do if presented the opportunity during a two minute elevator ride. Never had to use it and now I don’t care. I’m as high up the ladder as I care to be. My executives already know me.

What was your favorite toy growing up? Dolls of course. Or jacks or jump rope.

If you have a pet, and you could ask it three questions, what would you ask? We have two dogs. Red heeler/lab mixes. Buddy and Spot. Do you like it here? What are you thinking? What else can we do for you?

Added our Buddy as feature image. Doesn’t he look like he can understand “human”?

Attitude of Gratitude Section (Always Optional)

What’s one simple thing society at large could do to improve our world? Be kind. Respect one another. The bonus is doing so is free.