Share Your World ~ 11/10/20

We’re back at it again. Thanks Melanie for hosting. Sandman’s robot reminds me of Lost in Space. Danger Will Robinson. But no danger here, just some very good questions.


  1.  Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not? I love surprises for lots of reasons but mostly the excitement of it all. Spontaneity is hard for me and surprises bring that spur of the moment fun. Of course I am assuming surprises in this context are good things. Like a 50th surprise birthday party. I don’t like to be caught off guard by bad surprises. Pranks for example, they can be funny or downright cruel.
  2. What’s your favorite zoo animal? All of them. But if I have to pick, I choose the polar bear. Or wait! I pick the giraffe. Or maybe the elephants? Back to all of them. Though I do think it is sad that they are in cages outside their natural habitats. Of course conservationists might explain to me why I am wrong. As in anything there is good and bad. I hope the San Antonio Zoo is one of the good ones who re-creates the wild.
  3.  What three things do you think of the most each day? Work, food, more work.

‘Deep’ Question

4. When, if ever, is taking a human life justified? Thou shalt not kill. But, … the sound you hear is that of my parents rolling over in their respective graves. If I even hint that taking a human life might be justified, they’d be mortified. What about in self-defense? Depends I guess. This is not a yes or no answer to me. Instead I see lots of maybe with shades of gray. Sorry mom and dad.

Attitude of Gratitude Section (Always Optional)

Do small miracles exist? I think they do. Today I am grateful for another day alive and semi-well while still looking for the miracle of pain relief.

As always, more to come.