FB & WP Could Be Talking to Each Other

In the week’s Share Your World ~ 11/10/20, we had a zoo question.  Then today, this shows up in my FB feed … Article – Animals free to roam between Savanna habitats for first time in San Antonio Zoo history.  Rhinos get new Savanna Crossing at San Antonio Zoo …

Some times I wish I had sprung for premium to be able to upload videos.  Still I hope you enjoy the link to the article should you choose to peruse.  Coolest thing eva 🙂

Happy Friday!!!  





13 thoughts on “FB & WP Could Be Talking to Each Other

      1. Ah, I see. I wonder if this works, you can delete it afterwards. It might embed the video in this comment or you could copy the link into a post. It worked for me and I’m not premium.

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  1. Of course they do! At some point, you probably gave them your FB account info. Personally I think it ought to be illegal unless you specifically opt-in for such information sharing instead of it being buried in the terms and conditions that nobody reads and can’t do anything about because if you do object to clause 37 subparagraph B, you can’t use the service at all.

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