So, … She Gone and Done Did It

What are you talkin’ ’bout Jilly?  You gone and done did what?  Or are you just rambling and spouting local expressions?  Next thing we know you’ll be saying “that dog don’t hunt”.

And what’s all this got to do with the price of tea in China … right Jim?

Completely unrelated to #SLS but since the reference was made, I linked back there.  Sometimes only music calms me.  And I need calming right about now.  My whoa began in 2010.  If whatever “this” is was going to kill me, I’d be dead by now.  That’s nine … count ’em nine looong years.

Over time my symptoms morphed ever so slightly.  Lately there is no ebb to the flow.  Which pushed me back to my doctor for a CT With Contrast.  The results were so fantastic that I had to scream!!!!!! NOT 😦

When the nurse called me with all negative; she also said I didn’t need to go back in two weeks but they could refer me to a gastroenterologist.    Harumph!!  Down that road we’ve already been.  That was negative too!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re still wondering what she done did?  I read my lab results.  This time the report said “results are essentially normal”.  WTF!  Just essentially so …  I maybe splitting hairs here with synonyms but essentially means approximately!  More or less so!  In my anxiety ridden mind, I read in other words NOT completely normal.

Now I am doing my own research.  Seriously! On the words from the report.  I have a hiatal hernia.  Multiple kidney cysts (they have been there forever, not changing and not “supposed” to hurt) and some new thing which is a mile long latin word consistent with pelvic congestion syndrome.   I also want to sign up for that new TV show along the same vein of “Mystery Diagnosis”.  Someone needs to help me crack the code.  

While I’m waiting for my 15 minutes of fame, I’m taking the following steps:

  • No eating after 7 pm
  • Up water intake
  • Quit caffeinated beverages.  I have all but given up my beloved morning coffee.  I had knocked back to one cup on Sundays having breakfast with B but that’s been months ago.  Nixing tea is next step except for the herbal/green variety which might actually help.
  • WALK or get some freaking form of exercise!!!
  • Eat smaller meals more slowly
  • Sleep on an incline if can find a wedge … though some of my sources say that can hurt more than help.  Damn you Google and your conflicting sources!

I’m very confused.  But I’m trying a hodgepodge of home remedies.  I refuse to give up!!

My rational mind knows it’d be malpractice to not help me.  I also fully recognize that essentially normal was a poor word choice.  I admit I’m known for MSU.  Still everything hurts.  If anyone has a hiatal hernia with treatments that work, share them here in the comments.  <insert disclaimer of I won’t hold you to it – pinky swear> :).

As always, more to come.


25 thoughts on “So, … She Gone and Done Did It

  1. I’m still doing apple cider vinegar and I’m still good. I should have done it last night after I ate at Cracker Barrel at 9pm, haha, but it worked just as well when I woke up with the heartburn 😉
    All your plans are good for you stuff.
    I want you to focus on gratitude that the diagnostic imaging did not reveal a critical condition.
    And I need you to know that stress affects your digestion. Some of us don’t handle our stress without tummy troubles, and we must learn to respect our bodies’ signals when we’re overwhelmed. BIG HUGS, J, BIG HUGS.

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    1. Thanks for the BIG HUGS. My stress levels have been off the charts. I am sure that contributes. I am still looking at that bottle of apple cider vinegar every time I open our pantry. Not sure why I am deer in the headlights about trying it. Tomorrow I will begin my regime …

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      1. Just do it. Go do it now. (bossy?) Put a splash in some ice water. After a while, you may find it’s addictive and you won’t like water without it. Haha! It happens 😉

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  2. Oh no! I don’t have a hernia of any kind but getting a dog would help with the excercise bit, you have to get out whatever the weather. Plus I got a fit bit type watch thing, you can keep an eye on your steps and ultimately those stats will become like your wordpress stats, you’ll be trying to beat them day after day and before you know it you’ll be a step machine! Hope the pain subsides

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  3. Nobody is exactly normal. That is a good result.

    For all our medical advances there are still conditions that haven’t even been recognized, let alone diagnosed. Don’t go crazy trying to chase this down. It is what it is. May have to get worse before something diagnostically significant shows up and before that happens you can spend a fortune in money and time on it.

    A small hiatal hernia may not ever be noticed without x-ray or a CT scan. It means nothing. A medium-large sized one will cause chronic heartburn because things aren’t closing off properly at the top of the stomach.

    You might be able to handle it with antacids, careful diet, etc. The only issue here is that acid blockers that shut down the stomach’s acid production can also cause calcium loss in bones if you take them a lot over a long time. I would not do things that compress the abdomen soon after eating. Scrunching tends to squeeze stomach contents up into the esophagus. Should it go beyond Tums, careful diet and avoiding abdominal stress, the fix is surgery. The surgery is not a biggie.

    Mine was an inguinal hernia. Walked short distances the same day, back to work in two weeks. YMMV.

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  4. I’ve had a hiatal hernia for many years. It used to bother me, but not much any more…or I just got used to it. For awhile I’d take antacids, like Gaviscon & mylanta, and also I have a wedge pillow so I’m not lying flat. That all seemed to work. I never heard from the doctors to do anything different. Hope you find some relief! 🙂

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