#SoCS for 6/15/19 ~ Social

Good morning!!  Happy Saturday to you and yours.  #Free48!!

I feel a Holy shamoly  coming on same as Linda who every week allows us to join her party where we roll with the proverbial flow. You should join us too.  The details are HERE.

Whew! What a wonderful whirlwind week!!  And it ain’t over yet.  To the prompt!!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “social.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Ah man .. any way … would someone please tell me a way … any way … could go many different directions.  And me … here I sit with analysis paralysis.

Well you could do an acrostic.

S –  searching for an

O – open welcoming

C – community where people

I – interact with one

A – another creating circles of the most trusted

L – loyalty

Wait! what?  Why did you do that? Ugh!  You’re wasting the good peoples’ time.

I realize you’re referring to social in the sense of being friend.  In fact Jilly Beans, you remember Sr. Mary Margaret telling your class that the word social comes from the Latin socius meaning “friend.”  Funny strange how one recalls random events of the past when you’re spilling thoughts onto the page without a care in the world.

Once upon a time at work, management put on ice cream socials to celebrate just about anything.  Wonder if they still do that in the call center.  Those folks are much more rah-rah.  And you used to love rah-rah team building.  Forget the fact that you’re an introvert.

Can an introvert be social?  Why yes! Yes we can.  Only difference is the need to recuperate after such outings.  I muster up the courage to attend all the while planning my exit.  Then I reward myself for being in the company of people with what?  You guessed it.  ICE CREAM.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Now I am back on the playground in 2nd grade.  No you’re in your home office.  On the fine Saturday morning.

I will close with feel good moments from this week plus one not so feel good moment to start …

  • My CT results were NORMAL.  Yet I’m feeling anything but …  Plus another new symptom popped up Thursday night/very early Friday morning.  I have not Web Md’ed this yet.  I won’t … or might not … or I will and I will blog about it.  🙂
  • Had the best Wednesday and Thursday at work despite being very loooong days.  My co-worker L has started calling me Jilly Beans.  I always wanted a nickname.  That fills a void.
  • A different co-worker told me I talked her off the ledge.  Which is only fair seeing as she did same for me on several occasions.  By some miracle, we do not need “the talking to” at the same time.
  • Finally I reconnected with former co-workers toward a common goal.

And now I am done.  Beep beep beep went the timer.  Off to see what mischief I can achieve.

As always, more to come.