#1linerWeds. 7/31/19 Part Two

This morning I attended the 2nd annual diversity and inclusion summit at the company for which I work.  After a really inspiring opening, our first speaker took things up a notch.  The theme was be yourself.

Don’t let anyone put you in a box.  I don’t fit in a box.  I’m a triangle; my sides stick out.

Cheers to all the triangles out there.  You know who you are!  Go forth and shine!!!

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#Flash Fiction / 100 Words or Less 7/30/19

The flicker of her eyes

Unveiled a hurt

Which went straight to her core

Pain was palpable

Holding in feelings again. Until they pop out at the most inopportune time. Like at a birthday lunch. I vacillate between tough love/truth hurts to nothing good can come from saying something.  For surely she knows. My dear sweet baby girl.

No doubt she knows despite the deep denial. She’s not stupid. To say what’s on my mind is simply cruel. But how do I rid this anger? Why is unconditional love so hard? Need to let go.

As always more to come.

For Better or For Worse

No this is not a post about marriage.  I am rambling and musing.  With time on my hands I am sprucing up the place.  For better or for worse that I do not know yet.  But I am loving playing around with free themes!!!

That also means I have moved some “furniture” around.  Virtual furniture is lightweight.  I can move here there and yonder and back again all without breaking a sweat.  I am the least techie tech type but I am not afraid to right click when in doubt.  Sort of like taking a multiple choice test … “When in doubt Charlie out”  Means select the c) answer.  Ha!  Fun times I tell ya.

This could be like me cutting my hair and no one notices.  Because I keep the same style (or lack there of).  Well that’s not exactly fair.  My hairdresser since October of 2006 always gave me a cut to keep me contemporary.  I have pictures to prove my evolution.  She also gave me a cut that basically styled itself.

I missed some appointments lately because of LIFE.  I also started to notice that my gray came back within days.  I could not afford the time to color my roots weekly (even if I had the money which I don’t because I am the other F word … frugal) .  Can’t fight city hall of the mane variety.  Time for acceptance.

In my usual hindsight is 20/20 fashion, I wish I had never gotten on the color train.  Or color boat.  Or color whatever vehicle of your choice.  Why?  Well because now I am having a painful transition.  That would not be the case if I had accepted myself all those years ago.  If wishes were buts and or candy then beggars would ride.  LOL.  See how I mixed up an idiom and a proverb.  Here are the real quips thank you Google you masterful search engine you.

“If ifs and buts were candies and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas”

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

My therapist who I likely need to go back to again always told me not to waste a single minute on would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.  But oh how I like to wallow there in the land of regrets.  I don’t stay long anymore but I do go back to see my long lost friends.  My coping mechanism of expect the worst and you will never be disappointed.  Sort of similar huh?  Or not.

Whew! this felt good.  Better out than in as my old buddy Shrek is fond of saying.  Wishing you a wonderful peaceful Sunday.

As always, more to come.

For 7/28/19 ~ “You’re Welcome”

Jim gives us the prompt of a song featured prominently in a movie.  I was like huh?  Deer in the headlights.  Until I asked the brain trust aka the fam.  They offered the following from Disney’s Moana.  Snappy, has a beat, and you can dance to it.  lol

Here is a WIKI link for more details.


I see what’s happening, yeah
You’re face-to-face with greatness and it’s strange
You don’t even know how you feel
It’s adorable!
Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change

Open your eyes, let’s begin
Yes, it’s really me
It’s Maui! Breathe it in
I know it’s a lot:
The hair, the bod!
When you’re staring at a demigod

What can I say except “You’re welcome”
For the tides, the sun, the sky?
Hey, it’s OK, it’s OK. You’re welcome
I’m just an ordinary demi-guy!

Hey, what has two thumbs and pulled up the sky
When you were waddling yea high?
This guy!
When the nights got cold, who stole you fire from down below?
You’re looking at him, yo!

Oh, also I lassoed the sun
—You’re welcome—
To stretch your days and bring you fun
Also, I harnessed the breeze
—You’re welcome—
To fill your sails and shake your trees

So what can I say except “You’re welcome”
For the islands I pulled from the sea?
There’s no need to pray, it’s OK
You’re welcome
I guess it’s just my way of being me

You’re welcome, you’re welcome
Well, come to think of it

Kid, honestly I could go on and on
I could explain every natural phenomenon
The tide, the grass, the ground
Oh, that was Maui just messing around
I killed an eel, I buried its guts
Sprouted a tree, now you’ve got coconuts
What’s the lesson? What is the take-away?
Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on the break-away
And the tapestry here in my skin
Is a map of the victories I win
Look where I’ve been. I make everything happen
Look at that mean mini Maui just tickety-tappin’!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hey!

Well, anyway, let me say you’re welcome!
For the wonderful world you know
Hey, it’s OK, it’s OK. You’re welcome!
Well, come to think of it, I gotta go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome!
‘Cause I’m gonna need that boat
I’m sailing away, away. You’re welcome!
‘Cause Maui can do everything but float
You’re welcome, you’re welcome

And thank you!

Songwriter: Lin Manual Miranda

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17 More Days

I am close y’all.  Today is day 348 for posts in a row.  As I look back over the last almost year, I wonder what was I doing on this day.   Only nice thing about FB is that feature of having memories pop up.  Maybe we could petition WP to do the same.  Sure archives are fine but a memory would be icing on the frigging cake doncha think?

Hey youse guys who run the blogosphere make it happen will you? Pretty puhleese with sugar on top.  Since I can’t eat sugar, I may as well add that sweet white stuff to my wishes.  Too much?  Well of course, I’m always too much.  That’s the only way I roll.

Wishing you a wunderbar Saturday!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 7/27/19 ~ “clean/dirty”

Good morning to my favorite people on the planet.

YOU!  Yes ALL of YOU!

If you are reading this post you are a favorite person.

What time is it? Game time!   Time once again for Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday aka #SoCS aka the place where little Jilly Mac let’s her freak flag fly.  Yep I said it.  About myself so that is A-okay! Besides freak flag is not a bad thing.  According to Urban Dictionary anyways.  It says and I quote:

Freak flag = A characteristic, mannerism, or appearance of a person, either subtle or overt, which implies unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventional thinking.

Let’s move along shall we?  Alrighty then.  Linda says your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “clean/dirty.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!

Hmm.  Think, think and think.  All I got for clean/dirty is Orbit commercials like the one that follows:

There are more just like this … the one with the cheating husband

Stinky Mac-Stink face!  Says the Lint Licker to the Son of Biscuit eating Bull Dog and the Cootie Queen.

He-lair-E-us.  How’s that for phonetic spelling?!?!?  Hilarious! Amiright?  Nope just mildly amusing?  Nope not funny at all?  Well that’s still A-okay.

Speaking of Cootie Queen because we were you know, who remembers the kids’ game called Cootie!?  You rolled a die (the singular for dice) and depending on the number you landed on you got another part of a bug aka cootie.

I realize this is a video happy post but I wanted proof I had not lost it.  Yes there was such a game as Cootie! On any given Saturday 1972 or 73 my brothers and I might be playing Cootie along a plethora of other board games but only after watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Ah now that’s the stuff.  And I am done.

If you’d like to join this merry band of prompt respondents or read their works extraordinaire, here are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.

#WATWB ~ 7/26/19

My first attempt to join in was in June but I don’t think I linked back correctly.  Take two here are the intention and rules

Though politicians are involved, this is not a political post.  Instead the post is about philanthropy from someone who chose to work behind the scenes using his wealth and means to provide humanitarian efforts just like the one I am about to share.  May the Perpetual Light Shine Upon him.  Rest in Peace.

Share the story of Ross Perot and U.S. Army Cpl. Alan Babin Jr.