CT With Contrast

I told my doctor everything that was happening.  No facts were left out.   I said words that I was not sure I could utter but utter I did.  She said “let’s try and get you in today”.

I went right next door to STRIC.  Insurance approved with referral and they squeezed me in.  Bailey was my person.  He took good care of me.  I have to say I was surprised this all happened so quickly.  And perfect timing because I was actively having symptoms during the test.  If they say the results are negative, I am going to scream.

I keep tasting the contrast.  That is me making stuff up.  Or not.  Bailey warned me.  And of course, because he said so, I am experiencing what he said.  Sure enough I felt cool at the IV spot in the arm.  He said some people claim they can smell and taste it.  I definitely smelled something and my insides were on fire for only 30 seconds just like he said. Now all I can taste is metallic.

Could be worse.  Will know more in two weeks.  Unless they call me in sooner.  Until then, no news is good news.

As always, more to come.

14 thoughts on “CT With Contrast

  1. I felt so bad but understood when you said you were glad your symptoms were acting up. Only because I don’t like that you have to feel bad for them to help . If Bailey told you that you might experience things after, then it’s not the first time 🙂 Keep and eye on it, and be easy with yourself. 🙂

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