What Are The Odds?

Big Brother is everywhere y’all.  Ole George was right!  How do I know this?

Last time Pony joined us for supper, he drove us to the restaurant.  His vehicle is still new and he has a free trial of Sirius radio.  We talked about paying for air <grumble, grumble> and how it was very expensive after the trial ended but when we paid for three years, we got a break.  Still the cost was hundreds of dollars.  We are economizing to pay for land, so Sirius and a deep reduction in our Dish TV options were the first things to go.


Did I mention we bought land?  In the boonies.  And there is no reception or very little reception anyways.  Did I mention, we had dinner with our son?

Pony insisted the price came down and was something like $5 a year.  I replied maybe a month but … and even at that, I had heartburn about paying for that which should be free!

Let me tell ya folks, nothing SHOULD be free but you get what I mean.  Let the advertisers foot the bill and maybe I will buy their products.  Any who, the day after our dinner, we get a post card in the mail.  Dear former listener!


Dear current listener.  You are a sap!  lol.  Well not me!  My baby Buick is set to KONO-AM 860!  I don’t need no stinkin’ XM bullsH!t.  🙂

As always, more to come.