100 Days of Jilly D

See my feature image.

I have not done anything for 100 consecutive days before now.

I’m a quitter.

Well that’s a bit harsh.

I ain’t no quitter on everything.

Occasionally I display sticktuitiveness!

Made up word alert.  lol.

Too late, made you look.

And I will close with an excerpt from “The Streak” by Ray Stevens.  As kids we loved that song.   The 70s were rad man.  I tell ya 🙂

“Ethel? Is that you Ethel?”

“You git your clothes on”

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 11/21/18

Linda’s refrigerator is sending her messages.  🙂

Made me think of this sign from our break room. I have used it before but I am burning daylight and gots to go.  This saying is right up there with “close the door, you weren’t raised in a barn”


One of my co-workers shared some fires safety tips with us this week since during the holidays house fires become more prevalent.  They whoever “they” are make ovens/stoves that turn themselves off now.  I NEED one of those.  Technology is rad y’all.  Smart home everything!!

Happy Wednesday!! Hope it’s a good one.

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