Pep In My Step

Yesterday as I fumbled around pushing buttons to change the clock in my car, I found a hidden surprise.  I had left the CD from Guardians of the Galaxy in the player.  For how long I have no idea.  Maybe since Christmas four years ago?  Because as was our custom, we watched a movie and immediately bought the soundtrack.  Now that seems like wasteful consumerism during my new leaf time of less.

I did not even recall owning that CD since it was not found among my treasures during the big purge while organizing my office.  I have a stack of CDs, DVDs and book to sell.  But after my find, I am debating my whole plan.  I tell ya folks, these tunes from the 70s sure do put a pep in my step.  I was giddy I tell ya!  Now you can be giddy too 🙂

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