J-Dub’s Review Of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

… not the song but the movie. Or maybe a little of both.

Lulu Belle and I enjoyed the show immensely.  Made me yearn for a different era.  I would’ve been a groupie!  I stop short of repeating a play by play of this biopic.  You can read about Queen anywhere.  There are actually quiet a few documentaries I prefer because I get to see actual Freddie footage. He was stunning!  That voice!!! The band in a word … phenomenal.  One of my all time faves.

When the song first came out, it was confusing to me.  But that one word in the title … Bohemian … which I felt like … brought me in and I listened.  Over and over.   The kind of song that grows on you or at least grew on me.  “Will you do the Fandango?” why yes, yes I will!!!

Off to buy some Adidas, white tank top, studded arm band, and tight ass Wranglers … the original skinny jeans.  Lol :).  Rock on with your bad selves and go see the movie.  Two plus hours rolls by in what feels like mere minutes.  And you’ll be chair dancing and lip syncing along with the music the whole time!