What’s Good These Days?

Lots of stuff I suppose. Personally I’m really enjoying 60 Minutes. Just the facts ma’am. Real human interest without taking sides.

The 11/18/18 show had two stories.

The first one was about the cost of naloxone (a life saving drug used in the opioid crisis). At first I was all fuck Big Pharma but when the head guy extends an olive branch πŸ•Š to insurance companies live and on air, one has to wonder who are the real bad guys? Can you say pyramid scheme?!?!

Prices had to be high enough for the middle men to peddle their wares. They make moola off the demographic hit hardest. Women age 45 to 54. Yep! Affluent before addicted with insurance to pay. At least that’s my layman’s way to explain it.

What also struck me was how the doctor spoke of addiction as a chronic relapse potential disease just like cancer. A cancer patient has access to everything if cancer comes back but the addict gets a tsk tsk and is judged if he stumbles. The doctor and her possee give away free naloxone kits. Old school injectable when nose spray and talking instruction epi pens would do better. Baby steps.

The second story was about former NFL player Tim Green and his battle with ALS. Tim says the majority if not all of the cause of his ALS is head injuries from playing the game. When asked if he’d do it again, he said without missing a beat “yes”.

He said that most guys would cut off 20 or more years at the end of their life just for the chance to play. When asked what the best time was he said now! Now is everything! His attitude is amazing. Better than mine and I’m relatively well (at least physically).

Tim is also a prolific author. He’s got technology to help him these days. His eye glasses have a pointer that allows him to type out his current story one letter at a time. I’m adding his work to my TBR queue as we speak.

I get all this knowledge but I’m not told how to feel. That part is left up to me. Makes me think!! How novel!!

Sundays at 7 pm CST. Be there or be square. Or watch it marathon style via DVR like me.

As always more to come.