Shaken Not Stirred

OMG people drive like idiots.  Don’t get me PC police.  Idiots I tell ya!

I am driving home in the right lane headed east on HWY 87.  A Ford sedan is ahead of me.  In the left lane is a truck about parallel with the Ford sedan, followed by a Kia.  Lots of other cars are behind us.

Scene set?

Foster Meadows has a traffic light now.  I can see it turning red.  I start to brake as does the truck slightly ahead of me to the left.  The Ford, uh nope!  Speeds up.  AH!  Runs the freaking red light.  The Kia behind the truck must have been taking its’ cue from the Ford and screeches to a halt barely missing rear-ending the truck.

There we sit, me and the truck side-by-side until the light changes.  We drive off but don’t cha know original Foster also has a light.  The timing on these things is sub par.  Usually the next light stays green longer but today uh no.  It’s going to yellow so we slow down.  The Kia, not so much and bang – rear-ended the truck.

We all pulled over.  No one was injured thankfully.  Police were in route and traffic was stacking.  I gave my name and number to the driver of the truck and drove around the corner to my house.  I was witness but not party to the accident and hanging around would have made more of a traffic nightmare so I skeedaddled out of the way.

I’m still shaken!  Not stirred.  But just maybe I should make a martini!  I am Bond Jill Bond!  Ba-dum-tis went the drum.

I know, I won’t quit my day job.

Be safe out there folks!