Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/29/22

As I was tooling around Wally World getting my weekly groceries & the groceries for my in-laws, I had an idea for this post. I didn’t want to forget the premise so I did a talk to text in my notes app. I’m reading those notes now. Oy vey. Heads or tails Jilly. Even my reminders are stream of consciousness but I am in good company with the likes of Bob Saget, dare I say. May he Rest in Peace. His book Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian was very insightful yet sad because he wrote it with the future in mind but he is sadly gone too soon. More on that later.

Lulu takes our list, I take my in-laws’ list then we divide & conquer. We went to the store Monday since we were off work & our usual weekend excursion would have been on X-Mas Eve or Christmas Day therefore out of the question. We braced for crowds but there wasn’t any. Nary a soul braved the wild on Boxing Day but to be fair this was at the b’crack of dawn, grocery shopping not department store shopping though both Wally & the Gucci B have both. The former is a big box retailer while the latter is very Alamo Heights niche.

We did the Gucci B first since the items there did not need to be kept cold. On his list, PoPo put two bottles of Korbel, champagne, Brut, NS = no substitutions (he carries this abbreviation over from our curbside days). He also wanted orange juice to go along for mimosas & deluxe mixed nuts also NS! I got a bit misty looking at his list since the usual old people type items were on there too. He was planning ahead for NYE baby or New Year’s Day as the case may be.

Well I looked for the champagne at the Gucci B thinking they might not even have it with the hoity toity niche selections. But when I spied two bottles of course grabbed them. Then at Wally World I looked & wouldn’t you know it, the same damn product for $8 less a bottle. WTF?!?!

I was raised by two depression era parents & this was no bargain, I overpaid by $16 plus tax. Overpaying for something is the sin of all sins. My mind automatically started calculating what I could have bought for them with that $16 plus tax. I must admit my heart skipped a beat but I was not about to return the more expensive bottles for what was in front of me. Sometimes ‘time’ fits into the cost calculation. Then later on in the day I looked at Total Wine & More online which had Korbel Brut at an additional $2 less per bottle than the cheaper ones for a total of $20 plus tax off the original paid price. Ugh, why did I even look?

I’ve noticed some rollbacks on the cost of our frequently purchased items which means maybe the tide is turning. Or not & I’m simply wishful thinking. Going into my extreme coupon mode now. Bring it 2023, we’ll be ready. Challenge accepted.

As always, more to come.

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