Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/1/22

I was originally thinking I would write about the 3 Doscher sisters, 2 of whom were my aunts but then life taught me some valuable lessons & my thoughts shifted. This mini soap box is brought to you for my mental health. I’ll eventually write about my aunties & their sister.

First lesson, don’t assume. Obvious & everyone knows this but I assumed & I was wrong.

Second lesson, be patient. You’ve no idea what’s happening in some else’s life. People won’t always work on your timeline. It doesn’t mean they hate you.

Third lesson, life is way too short to hold grudges or burn bridges. Make the most of things while you can. What’s meant for you eventually happens but while waiting, keep living or you might miss something that you didn’t even know you needed.

My cousin reached to me out of the blue. That was my lifeline which made me brave enough to reach out to our extended family. Then just yesterday random luck had me stumble across sad news to which I took action with a small note of condolences. Sometimes it takes sorrow to reset perspective. Reminds me to be nice always & for no reason… just because. And to our next door neighbor battling cancer, we wish you all the strength you need to beat this!

As always more to come.