#1linerWeds. 12/7/22

Same for me Linda! And that anxiety is double when you’re late for a daily post to keep the streak alive! I had a very busy day today despite being light on meetings. Thought work they call it. I LOVE thought work! It is productive eventually …

HERE are the rules & ping back.

Ok, think, think, and think … write a brilliant one liner or a lame one liner as the case may be … From TV Lopez vs Lopez

Some superheroes don’t always wear capes, some wear brown corduroy slippers and white tube socks that go up their knees.

George Lopez relaxing on the couch after throwing his grandson the best birthday banger ever

I know this was supposed to be one liner but it reminds me of story. When he was little, Pony was the apple of my dad’s eye. No rules Grandpa was so much fun!! On the show George’s daughter was jealous of the grandpa/grandson relationship & in real life, I was too. But then at dad’s funeral, I got up in front of everyone & told the story of our trip to CA. How every morning, dad would dress Pony in his Dallas Cowboys windbreaker, put him in the stroller, and walk a few laps around the block. This was also a kindness to me to be able to sleep in. After that week away, Pony only wanted my dad to do things for him even over ME his momma. That made me green with envy until I really stopped to think about it. I knew daddy had more than enough love for ALL of us even if my little guy was a favorite (because he was, we all knew it). The jealousy went away and I couldn’t be more thankful that my boy had his Grandpa right there in his corner no matter what for all of his days! May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

As always, more to come.