Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/8/22

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself but no worries, I will bounced back to the sunny, funny girl I was once upon a time just as soon as I extract these intrusive thoughts from my brain. I’m about to burn bridges y’all. I’ve been holding back because as it says in a book I just read, “words do not come with gift receipts, you can’t take them back.” Ugh!

I want to shout from the mountain tops, I’m right HERE. You don’t get to ignore me. I’m not a ghost, I’m a real girl! I feel like Stella Dallas, outside the window, in the snow, looking into that better life that I’m not part of. Watch the movie y’all, it’ll bring you to tears. I gave up the get real series idea but this post with expanded content would go there. I’m still holding back. So if I’m not going to give up the goods, lemme let ya go.

That’s all she wrote. Until next time. Be cool, relax. Just breathe.

As always, more to come.