#SoCS ~ 12/17/22

Anyway, as I was saying, I have no idea what day it is either. Guess I’ll get a calendar to keep track of time too just like Linda G Hill, our host with the most. Maybe, I will mark off the days until I get out of my Invisalign? Remains to be seen if I am glad I did this especially if I do not get any headache relief. I remember the disclaimer, “I can fix your jaw but I can’t fix your type A personality”

Alrighty, here we go. Time for #SoCS where Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start your post or one paragraph with the word ‘anyway.’” Bonus points if you start your post with “anyway” and regular points if you use it in a paragraph somewhere else in your post. Enjoy! HERE are the rules & pingback.

Bonus score! My job here is done with a start like that. LOL

Anyway, I’m keeping it light after the heavy that was my Friday Free For All post. I’m trying to be mellow. Roll with the flow & otherwise be cool man, be cool. This Adam Lambert cover of a Duran Duran song helped me this week, so I’m sharing with you.

Ordinary World – Songwriters: Nick Rhodes / Nigel John Taylor / Simon John Charles Le-Bon / Warren Cuccurullo

Mine isn’t about a lost love, B is right here beside me, always! Rather my wish is for an ordinary world where my heart is not torn to shreds. I have new found family who I yearn to connect with but that’s not exactly working out.

And I don’t cry for yesterday
There’s an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world

I will learn to survive

Can’t go backwards. Onward, through the fog.

As always, more to come.