#1linerWeds. 2/1/23

First, happy heavenly birthday to my Mamaw. Today she would have turned 117! She taught me how to make the best pie crust ever. I loved her so much, nothing made me feel safer than to be called “Lonie’s girl” ❤ Pronounced Lo Nee’s, not to be confused with Lonnie.

Linda says she still has some Christmas chocolates. I assume they’re still good eating. Yum! I’ll go one better, I made cornbread yesterday with 15 bean soup because it is frozen here & that’s winter weather meal if there ever was one. The cornbread didn’t rise & I wondered why? I pulled the package out of the trash only to see expired April 8, 2019!! Well duh! This package must have been pushed back behind other newer packages until no other newer packages were left to use. I know we’ve made cornbread multiple times in the last almost 3 years. Where is the one liner in all this you ask? Well here it goes …

Always read the label!

I lost a good egg since the cornbread was inedible. Eggs right now are over $5 a dozen! The tragedy.

Written for One-Liner Wednesday – Oh look! It’s another prompt! HERE are the rules & ping back. Join us if you can.

9 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 2/1/23

      1. That does sound good! We are making rice bowls like Chipotle for dinner! Dave is cooking beans, I’ll make rice, and we bought some ready-to-eat carnitas. Then just add all the toppings! Gonna be yummy!

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