#JusJoJan 2023 Reflections ~ 2/3/23

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A Sunday Poser or Cranny question recently was <has anyone saved your life & not known it?> I’m paraphrasing but the question was something like that. I answered YES!!!!!!! I’m very lucky that way & oh so super grateful for my support system.

I was thinking of my husband, B when I responded so quickly but today I realize that he’s one of many life savers. Blogging saved my life. Seriously. From filling the empty nest to now when my life is full. Linda has been a constant in my time here on WordPress with #JusJoJan, #1linerWeds., and #SoCS.

The 2023 #JusJoJan was therapeutic. Specifically this POST with prompt word FAMILY. Not because it was my word but rather because in short order, after I wrote those words, things have changed on the found family front. I’m acting a fool, not knowing what to do. Be careful what you wish for is the most apropos phrase I can think of. Life, it’s complicated.

I’ll probably write more on that subject later. Not probably, I WILL write more on that subject later. You can be sure of it.

As always, more to come.

Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

I am not going to spoil this story with a review. Two thumbs up, recommended read. I will say the research is well done. I always learn something new reading Jodi. Also the seamlessness of the writing was flawless. I couldn’t tell where Jodi started & Jennifer ended or vice versa. Usually when two authors write something together, who wrote which part is evident.

Now I give you my commonplace quotes. These are very fitting & timely to my current situation. I love when that happens. Validation!!!!!

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kirkegaard

These people, who do not really see me, have no idea what they are missing.

And even though I knew better than to hope, it felt like a pilot light inside me.

asphyxiated by joy

In the absence of knowledge, the mind is an amazing Tilt-A-Whirl of worst case scenarios.

Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

As always more to come.