Friday Feels, Friday Flashback, & Friday Tunes ~ 2/24/23

My feelings are a hodgepodge today folks. My mind it flitting around like a gnat. Flit, flit, flit … or sH!t, sH!t, sH!t … lol

When I looked at posts from this day all the way back to 2017, I found a surprise posted on 2/25/17, the day after today, six years ago. You figure that math out. haha!

Not truly a surprise because I wrote the post but one I had forgotten about making the topic new again. If only WP had a memories feature like the dreaded fauxboo. Yep I’m making up words now. Say it like ya mean it. Faux-boooooooo. I really like being reminded randomly of my healing therapeutic writing. I wasn’t pleased with any offerings on this day though so I skipped the flashback.

To calm the fruit flies or gnats or whatever my thoughts have become, I am centering myself with tunes right now. Two Saturdays ago, Lulu & I road tripped it to Waco & reunited with family, my sister, her girls, my niece’s baby boy, six weeks old. Yes I am a GREAT aunt, emphasis on the GREAT. My other niece’s BF, I really like that kid. Together they are adorable!! My nephews flew in from AZ, one of whom was celebrating his b-day with us. I love these two as well with my whole heart!

As with any road trip, the music makes the ride soothing. A cover of “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” came on the station 103.5 FM – BOB. We no longer have BOB is SATX, instead we have 102.7 JACK. JACK is no BOB and vice versa despite the less commercials more music from the 70s to today theme. I remember we heard the same song on a prior road trip some years before. The group was Ka-Ko or Ko-Ka or something like that. I made a mental note this time to YouTube the song but sadly all I found was the original sung by Lynn Anderson. Sorry Lynn but boo. Until today that is!!! Gnat thinking for the win!! Here ya go folks … and you’re welcome ❤

As always more to come!