TGIF 9/20/19

Four score and seven years ago


Not 87 years ago.  And I’m no Abe Lincoln.  Not even close.

More like 35 years ago, morning after the morning after Friday the 13th or September 15, 2019, and today.

I cannot take moon pictures to save my life.  Though I’m mighty proud of the third one.  I threw in the toad in for good measure.  Reason – Mr.Toad was out there moon gazing with us and he was a fitting addition since we’ve been on his wild ride enjoying our lives as we smell the roses.

B humored me by taking the “now” picture.  I told him it was the only gift I wanted for our anniversary and it worked.  The before and now pictures are pretty popular these days … this is us improvising.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “TGIF 9/20/19

  1. I think Before and Now pictures are great, and I love yours!
    I admired that moon for two nights, then the clouds came. I can’t shoot it for nothin, tho. Yours are far better than mine.

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  2. Great shots of the moon and I’ve taken a few so I should know 🙂 Greater pics of the two of you. Congrats again on 35 years. We are right there with you and know it is not always easy but definitely worth it!

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