#SAS ~ Twofer Tuesday 9/10/19

I have a new moniker for this re-occurring post.  Not very creative but sort of sassy huh?  Sing Along Songs or #SAS as it will now forever be called is coming to you live.  Or almost live.  Always sponsored by Jack 102.7 FM and always the last two songs on Jilly Dub’s car radio before she parks and enters the building on every Tuesday except for vacation day Tuesdays.  If a vacation day Tuesday ever happens again, she will improvise.

No more third person!  And any hew before I get on with the show, I noticed something.  So far no repeats.  I drive the work the same time daily and one would think eventually I’d hear the same songs.  The music is on a loop after all.  But stats man, they are groovy.  My odds of repeats are lessened with each song added in the mix.  Of course I do hear repeats like a song on Tuesday played a few Wednesdays later on my ride home.  I’m talking about same time, same place, same bat channel.  I am going to track this and see how long we go before a repeat happens.

On tap for today we had – Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb and the Clash’s Rock the Casaba. Hope you enjoy!!