I wonder what they’re thinking?

Spotty looks sad and Buddy looks bored. Waiting for clean bills of health. 🐶🐶

Monday Musing 9/23/19

I usually save my musing for Sunday but yesterday was a bear.  Why wasn’t Sunday Funday you ask?  Well let’s begin with Saturday.  I worked in the morning on a functionality test for updates to a system that had occurred overnight Friday.  For only a short hour and 1/2 but enough to delay my start to the day.   B was off getting the oil changed in his truck anyway.  By the time he got home, I was done and off we went to lunch.  Then B and I got our 2nd dose of the shingles vaccine.  Proceeding with a trip to Seguin to look at travel trailers for our place in Rock Springs.  The place I wonder how we will keep considering all that has happened.  Can you say DENIAL?

The 2nd shot wasn’t bad.  We were actually quite surprised since the 1st shot two months prior hurt like a muthergoose.  We commented on the noticeable difference.  For me, I thought taking ibuprofen ahead of time helped.  For whatever its’ worth all was well as we went out and about.  But yesterday.  Yesterday was a complete blur.  I felt awful.  Chills, achy, and oh so tired.  I blame the 2nd shot.  Other than a trip to the store for weekly groceries, I mostly stayed in one spot.  All cuddled up in two different blankies with a heating pad.  Poor Jilly.

I got my second wind, enough to put a lasagna together for supper, then after eating and clean-up, I promptly went back to the couch.  I knew I’d be off today for my grand pups annual vet visit so I wasn’t worried about what being a slug would do to my ability to sleep all night through.  I don’t sleep well anymore anyway.  I had talked to my doctor who tried to help me but the meds gave me a weird metallic taste in my mouth which I may have been able to live with if the meds helped me sleep but they didn’t.  I am panicky about this lack of sleep and one day I fear I will go completely off the deep end.

I feel better today thank goodness.  And I slept well enough last night to count for something.  I feel good enough to be up and about on my day off so there is that.  I wrote my Haiku, perused through WP Reader, and have caught up on the laundry.  The doggy appointment will follow.  Writing this little blurb, has relieved me of my stress.  My cares are out of my head, onto the page, and evaporate before me.  Ah, now that’s the stuff.

And that’s it for Monday musing.

As always, more to come