Haiku – Hope & Dash

When things appear bleak

Dashed and thwarted dreams abound

Hope resurrection

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Lucky Me ☺️

I knew I’d be off today. So yesterday while getting ready to leave KC, I took a chance and called my doctor’s office. I begged for an appointment. Long shot sure but lucky me, there was a last minute cancellation and 9:40 just happened to me open. Even delayed flights and getting home at 2AM can’t bother me.

Fast forward to now, lounging and sleepy, I’ve gone through yet another CT. This time with contrast. Now we wait. #grateful

As always more to come.

Badge Contest Over At Linda’s

I for one am glad Linda is late with this contest.  I love that little monkey.  I am keeping him around for stress relief.  I mean who can be upset when they look at that sweet lil face.  Preciousness … see …

While I don’t have anything better, I am entering for fun. Who knows what might happen?? For some reason I hear “Engine, engine #9, going down Chicago line.  If the train should jump the track, would you want your money back? Y E S spells yes and you are not it!  How about a game of freeze tag or hide-n-seek?

Man I miss those days.  Summer time and the living is easy.  I must be punch drunk.  Mixing my stuff like it’s #SoCS or something.  LOL!!  Anyhoo, with further ado, this is my entry.

Ping back 

#1linerWeds. 6/5/19

I am staying with my from a TV show theme.  Here’s one from a show that I immensely enjoyed but may have been too much for the masses.  Too bad it won’t be renewed for next season.  This show was hilarious.

“Look at me Frank.  I’m eating gravy with a pizza crust.  I’m not planning on getting old”

Mike from the Kids Are Alright

As always. more to come.



Guess I will move up my August appointment to ASAP unless things change soon.  Usually the ebb and flow makes me realize I am imagining the worst of it.  Just when I think I cannot take the churn any more, the pain subsides.  Lately there is only flow … no ebbing to bring temporary relief.

Of course I am sure I am dying.

I know, I know.  We are all dying.  But feels like my time might come sooner rather than later. Something is not right.

I hope my symptoms are purely psychological.

As always, more to come.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

I’m here way too early but without stress. Except for the parking. That’s a freaking mess. And expensive as hell.

The flight to LAX with follow on to Vegas is boarding now. We’re next. I’m curious who in this crowd will be left with me? Or I’m I the only compulsive one?

I keep panicking 👀ing for my suitcase … which I checked. Oh and where’s my phone? In my hand of course. Where are my glasses? On my face. Ugh 😑 or hahaha. At least I slept last night. You’d never know it but ya. I slept the sleep of the just.

These LAX to Vegas passengers are lucky 🍀. I wonder if there’s gambling in KC? Momma needs a new pair of shoes 👠.

As always more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng

From the jacket – Little Fires Everywhere explores the weight of long-held secrets and the ferocious pull of motherhood-and the danger of believing that planning and following the rules can avert disaster, or heartbreak.

No spoilers.  Plots and sub-plots.  Haves and have nots. Putting on facade for others.  Lost dreams.  Choices.  It’s all in there.  Despite the ending being a little too unrealistic (can’t explain more or I’d spoil it), I enjoyed this book and rated it 4 of 5 stars.  Goodreads over rating is 4.12 as of 6/2/19.  Okay, now I am really done. 🙂

As always, more to come.

Random Musings 6/2/19

  • It can’t be June … Oh but it is!  Does time go faster as we get older?  Nope.  Time is the same. Still only 24 hours in a day.
  • I say we stop keeping time.  One day when I retire that’s just what I’ll do.  Throw out the schedules.  Do what I want when I want … like sleeping … at 3 in the afternoon. Or awake and reading at 2 in the morning.  Get my days and nights all mixed up as mom used to say.
  • Great! Now I miss my mommy.
  • I am nearing the end of my current commonplace book.  Wonder what is a commonplace book?  Well look no further … LOOK HERE.
  • I never thought I’d fill this one up.  I started it on 12/23/16.  Wowser!  And just now I re-read it start to most recent page.  Dang!  Like I have nothing else to do.  Starting my retirement plan to throw out my schedule very pre-retirement.
  • I need better penmanship.  Some of my commonplace book is not legible.  So … I made stuff up.  I am famous for MSU.
  • I stopped packing to wash clothes and will get back to packing later.  Have I mentioned I hate to pack?  Because I do!
  • One of these days I am going to randomly go to the airport with only the shirt on my back … well and pants … and shoes … oh let’s just say I will show up at the San Antonio International Airport fully dressed.  No bag though.  Just my purse.  I’ll buy clothes and accessories when I get there.  And a new suitcase to bring my new stuff back home.  Where?  Well wherever there turns out to be.
  • Our luggage selection is lacking.  If I wasn’t such a cheapskate, I’d have bought a new better rolling suitcase.  The kind with 360 wheels.  But not for using only once.

Okay, well I’m done.  For now anyways.  See ya in a week.  I have scheduled some stuff to keep my streak alive.  The “real” as opposed to fake me will be away for a bit.

As always, more to come.

Will Someone Pack for Me Puhleese????

… because I don’t wanna.  Worst part of taking a trip is PACKING.

Can’t I just time travel?  Something like Star Trek beam me up Scotty or even Quantum Leap’s Sam where I simply wake up tomorrow in KC.  In someone else’s body ?!??  That’d be awesome.  Lol.

Anyone remember that show? … With Scott Bakula?? He’s Mister NCIS: New Orleans these days.

Nope!  Not possible?  Well that’s a bummer.  I guess better get crack-a-lack-in.

As always, more to come.