#SoCS ~ 12/9/17 ~ liqu


Ah what a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!  Time for weekly #SoCS fun!  Quoting the source of the one and only, the fabulous Linda G Hill:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “liqu.” Find a word that starts with “liqu” or has “liqu” in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun! 

Well thanks Linda!  Not even a whole word???  Geez, can it get any better?  Lol!

Challenge accepted.  I love this mind game.  Let’s commence.

Obvious – this post has to be about liquid.  I bet there are not more than a handful of liqu words anyways.  And in typical #SoCS fashion I will not research.  I am rolling like a river here or a stream as the case may be.  A liquid journey on a path to nowhere.  Cuz … I got de nada.

Correction, I got nada.  De nada means you’re welcome.  Google it if you don’t believe me!  I already googled it months ago and the thought just popped into my head now.  Nada is nothing and de nada is you’re welcome and despite the nada connection these two are un-related.  Trippy man.  Just trippy. And look at me still following the rules :).  Lol!

Now I say to myself Jilly McGillicuddy, you DO got something.  Liqueur! Dr. McGillicuddy’s liqueur to be exact.  Your long-lost twin.  The doctor not the liqueur.

You are no longer a drinker but where you were boy howdy.  Peppermint liqueur anyone?? Or Cherry?  Your fave.  I mean c’mon!  The doctor … he is a cross between a wise-ass and a wise man.  He makes every flavor in the book.  Butterscotch, lemon, grape, menthol-mint, chocolate and more! And this stuff is deceptive as it tastes much more like a dessert than an alcoholic beverage.

Hmmm, going to keep the ghosts of Christmases past in the bottle and end this stream right here.  Happy Saturday y’all.

If you’d like to play along and I highly encourage you to do so, here are the Rules and Ping Back

As always more to come.


Gender Bias


The following was written two years ago on this day. Pre-blog. Topic is still relevant which is why I’m sharing here.

I attended a webinar today about unconscious gender bias. Made me stop and think. Lulu is going into pre-nursing. A friend of ours told her “don’t stop there why not become a doctor?” She assumed Paige thought a female can’t become a doctor. Lulu has only ever had a female doctor. She told our friend “I’d rather help ppl hands on”. She saw what H went through fighting cancer and it was always the nurses who did everything. She wants to do that. And that’s a bias too … that all the nurses helping H were female … they weren’t! Makes me realize bias starts early and it is everywhere.

So tonight vegging out watching Survivor when B said during a challenge “she throws like a girl” I kind of lost it. “Oh yeah well this girl might kick your a$$”. He was confused. He meant nothing bad by what he said.

As if I could … kick his a$$. I mean I am a girl 😇I’m SO mean to him even after he made me delicious crispy tacos. Doh! Girly boy likes to cook 😉. I’m joking. No haters please.

If you’re a daddy of a daughter, let her know that she can be ANYTHING she wants to be; she can rule the world.

PEACE out!✌️

As always more to come.

Random Thoughts #99


J-Dub, this is not number 99.  But are you thinking what I’m thinking?  That you need a random thoughts category.  Uh no you don’t.  You’re just cluttering up the place.  Move along.

This will be a hodgepodge post.  An everything and the kitchen sink post.  Here we unveil in no particular order:

  • Book I am reading – titled What the hell did I just read? by David Wong has the coolest dog name ever in the story.  If … or should I say when we get another dog, we will name him or her DioGee pronounced D.O.G.  Cool right?  I told ya so 🙂
  • This morning with the delayed start for work, I was trying to import pics off my iPhone to my PC to make room.  I failed!  No photos found on this device.  Uh bull sH!t.  I have imported pics before folks.  But for some stupid reason, I could not figure it out.  So I went to work as it was getting close to time and decided to attack my champagne problem later.  Now is later as opposed to can Now AND later like the candy.  Anyhoo, I am rabbit holing it … almost.  I googled no photos found on this device you ass holes cuz we all know Google is the world leader in everything@!!!  And we all know adding assholes to my search got me a better response.  And Yes I used googled as a verb. Drum roll please … ba dum tis uh that is hitting the cymbals which comes after a joke and is NOT a drum roll but hells bells get to your point J-Dub.  Simple solution is to unlock your iPhone first.  Uh duh?! It freakng worked like magic.
  • 105.JPG importing pics allowed me to type this popping corn of random thoughts on my old school desktop and to upload this ornament that I picked in our White Elephant gift exchange after someone stole my wallet!  It is okay though because the wallet wasn’t really mine.  I picked it first but stealing is allowed in this game.  Makes for loads of fun.
  • Because I spent so much time explaining the pic thing, I forgot most of what else I was going to write.  Casualty of a mind that goes faster than hands can type.
  • Baby kitties are going home tomorrow.  Boo hoo.  We will miss them.  One hates us and I have yet to see her much except as she climbs up high precariously through glass.  The other is such a friendly little girl even though she bit my toe this morning.  It was a very playful nibble. See her in three frames.  I was not sure which was her good side so I posted them all.  And yes, those are two different cats even though they look very similar.

Two other pics to share. Even Corpus Christi TX got snow and that’s two hours south of here.  Lulu sent us these:

Keeping it under 500 words.

As always more to come.

Star ⭐️ Struck


Holiday lunch for the work crew was held today at Range. Owner and chef extraordinaire Jason Dady graced us with his presence. And yes I swooned. I’m a fan girl. I own it.

Me: Guess who I saw at our lunch today?

B: Where’d y’all go again?

Me: Range

B: No way! You saw Jason Dady? Did you tell him he was robbed?

Me: No but I sure wanted to!

Appears B likes him too. We watched those Iron Chef episodes more than once thanks to our DVR. We’re such geeks 🤓 🤓

As always more to come.

Random Thoughts


Me: What about X?

B: I already did that.

Me: What about Y?

B: I already did that.

Me: What about Z?

B: I already did that.

He’s my mind reader. An inherent doer who never overthinks anything. I’m his companion side kick Anxiety Girl. I’m blessed beyond belief.

In my reflective mood, I look out across my front yard through the prism in my door. I see the snow and I tear up. Happy tears of course. I’m in my warm home, drinking my coffee and eating peanut butter toast. B is at work but has checked in on me twice. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Side bar funny thought is how MY city reacted to the first snow in 32 years. From 8:00 pm on we had weather news coverage.

B “bet people from places it always snows are laughing their ass off at us. I wish they had aired the baking competition instead of this crap. I’m going outside to make a snowman. Wanna go with me?”

Me: Nothing fits over my cast.

B: I’ve got something you can wear.

He proceeds to dress me up like Nanuk of the North. I took one slow walk down the front side walk. It was just wet and cold so I went back in. Pretty but not worth it. Maybe if the kids had been here?

Guess I better get movin. I’m burning daylight in these thoughts.

As always more to come.

A good bad thing


12/7/17 7:45 am

I’ve already got stuff done and it’s still early. Got my lab work done ✅. Thinking 🤔 about how much I love my mornings. Even mornings that involve lab work.

Phlebotomist: What’d you do to your arm?

Me: I broke it when I fell while hiking

Phlebotomist: I love hiking so sorry to hear that

Me: Considering the possibilities I’m lucky. We were on a hill. I could have broken my leg or cracked my head open. It could’ve been so much worse.

Phlebotomist: Yep and it’s not your writing arm. We call that a good bad thing.

Me: Exactly!!

As always more to come.