Caption This! 7/12/18

I’ll start. Free! Or Sharing is Caring. I find the neatest things in our break room.As always, more to come.


So, … To Show Avicii I Was Cool

I have been writing some entries on my phone and everything looks okay.  Then I hit publish.  Then I go to view and there is no spacing.  Drives me batty.

Which is why I am going it old school … as in desktop.

I am in a reminiscing mood.  I was thinking about a friend who wrote a very special note to me to commemorate our graduation.  I do not remember the exact words but I thought it could have been in my yearbook.  I could not remember which year though so I looked at all of them and cannot find it.  More driving me batty.

Then I read a comment on my V/R post about passing notes.  Ah ha! I think maybe her words are in a hand written letter.  You see back in the olden days people wrote letters to each other. Shocking I know.  But true!!

If B was not asleep, I’d go into our closet and into my trunk and get my box of letters. I am a pack rat extraordinaire but not as much as before the incident because after that happened, I went minimalist.  If I saved something you know it was very special.

My friend was super creative, smart, and funny.  I miss her bunches.  The words she wrote over 35 years ago capture my thoughts this night almost exactly.  Damn I wish I could find it.

Something about being my fists to kick some ass and being my ears to listen to my secrets.  So very poetic and deep.  Well as deep as a teenager might be.  I am exploding with secrets y’all and I fear I might burst. But I want to keep them to myself. But I don’t.  But I do.  But I don’t. But I do.

Damn I feel better.  Forget shake it off.  Just write it out.

Not sure if it was the writing that helped or maybe the pill I took in Ibiza is finally kicking in?  No worries either way.  Both are prescribed.

As always, more to come.

P.S. I wonder if anyone will understand my title.  My own attempts at creativity. Plus I needed to rid myself of the Mike Posner ear worm.

So, … V/R

Now that I have captured your attention, let’s play a game. Not as in Mathew Broderick War Games but a game just the same.

Nevermind. This is going nowhere. Rabbit 🐇 hole or rat 🐀 hole alert. I’m going to try to land the ✈️ though.

Society is acronym happy these days. I just learned what FOMO means. And there’s a boat load more. IMO, BTW, SMH, FML, BRB, WTH, FINE and so on and so forth. The mister pipes up SNAFU as I’m making this list. He claims it’s the original and the only. He’s been watching too much Full Metal Jacket. He could be right though because that goes back to 1944.

Land the plane J-Dub. I hear you and I’m trying. Back to V/R. I first saw V/R in the valediction of an email. I thought it was a typo. Or worse I thought it was like using regards. Maybe you’ve seen that article floating around about how regards really means you’re a jack ass and sincerely means FU. But I paraphrase. And I jest.

Anywho. Anyone here know what V/R means? Well I’ll tell you. It means Very Respectfully. Ha! And not in a snarky way. And I’m borrowing. The person who uses V/R has to communicate with all levels of the company. Adding V/R is a class act to IMO. I joked that I was disappointed, I thought I was special and the only one worthy of his V/R. To which he quipped, well you are special and worthy! Everybody is!

Awww. Nice guy award. Made my day after such a crappy start. Now we can cue music. The bird is on the ground. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a prize.

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 7/11/18

Time for #1linerWeds.  Yippee!  I need to get out of my current head space which is Errrrrrgh!!!!!! You’d be pissed too if you were lied to on the regular.  Anyhoo, I digress.  No time for complaining.

Every morning as I drive to work, I pass an old school billboard.  Not a new fancy electronic rolling sign but the classic high in the sky message.  I’d love to get a picture of it but I don’t want to cause a wreck with my distracted driving.   Bad enough that I look to read the words each day as I am changing lanes to merge onto the interstate.  For the two seconds that I am even on the interstate.

I’ve have toyed with the idea of taking a walking tour around the area to snap pictures of the billboard and other assorted murals.  There is a treasure trove out there waiting to be captured on “film”.  That is my loose connection to Linda’s mention of ghost in pictures.

Now without further ado, here is the message:

Fear is contagious but so is hope.  Optimism is within you.

Hopefully optimism will find its’ way back to me.  The alternative is exhausting.

As always, more to come.

RIP Uncle

I went to Karnes City to say good bye. Viewings/rosaries are bittersweet. Glad I knew this time. I’ve missed far too many services because I didn’t know. Miracle of social media came through.

The drive up there or down as the case may be was beautiful. Memories flooded back. Leaving San Antonio, driving through Floresville, then Poth, then Falls City, then Hobson to Karnes City. All eerily familiar and vastly different at the same time. The more things change, the more they stay the same allowing you to go “home”. And Karnes City was one of my MANY homes.

He hadn’t been sick. I was glad to hear that.  He was still going to the farm/ranch. Climbing up ladders. That’s one tough old man his grandson told me.  The grandson he raised as his own.  The grandson who is virtually alone in the world. The grandson for who among all the others my heart breaks.

That Friday Uncle had a massive stroke. He never regained consciousness. The girls believe otherwise.  Saying it makes it true.  They insist he knew they were there.  He passed the night before he was to move into hospice. On the 4th of July. The 2nd Uncle to pass way on that holiday some 40 plus years later.  Coincidence is weird.

When I was asked are you S? You sure do look so much like S. I’m overcome with emotion. Three or four different people asked me that.   One older gentleman even asked me are you sure you’re not S????  Maybe I will explain why I am  a puddle over here one day. Or maybe I won’t and instead I will float away on my emotions.

As always more to come.

Random Musings

I have made up two new words.  Let’s see if they take off.

Stramily = strangers who are family

Famingers = family who are strangers

Once upon a time we went to a family reunion for B’s dad’s side of the family.  His Grandma was the 2nd oldest of 13 children who grew up, got married and had more children who grew up and got married and had more children and so on and so forth.  Greats, great greats … you get the drift.

To get this gang together was quite the ordeal.  But every once in a blue moon they did just that.  The year I am reminiscing about was @ 1999ish.  The venue was Comanche Park.

His Aunt J told her tribe that they did not need to talk to each other because they see each other all the time.  She told them to mix and mingle with the rest of the family who they do not see as often (if at all).  Of course when it came time to eat, each mini family stayed together.  For the most part.  Not much branching out.  Now if only I had a do-over.  I’d mingle like a Christian … or a pagan.  Lol.  I am punch drunk y’all.  Tis has been quite the day.

And I have turned the house upside down looking for the picture.  What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on a copy. To remember what once was … before it is no longer.

As always, more to come.


So, …

I hate to shop.  I have mentioned this a bazillion times.  But I need new clothes so I have to shop.

Or do I?

I have been telling myself I don’t NEED anything new.  I can keep wearing what I have despite the tightening and tearing.  When material starts pilling, that’s a sign.  Eff your sign Jeff Foxworthy.


Now what did poor ole Jeff ever do to me?

Any who, my point is that NEED is a strong word.  I mean really.  Do I NEED new clothes?  I wonder where Fred is when I need him?  Fred would agree. No to new clothes!

Yesterday I pulled two dresses, a pair of pants and a shirt off the rack.  Took them home.  Tried them on.  Said bleh, bleh, bleh as I looked in the mirror and promptly took them back earlier today.  Good thing this is a WANT and not a NEED.  Heaven help me when the real (as opposed to fake) time comes.  I am going to have to hire someone to help me.

As always, more to come.

Haiku 7/8/18

Today is a day

Beautiful like no other

Live in the moment

I skipped June somehow.  Back to more lame attempts at poetry in July.  Inspired by my Lulu.

As always, more to come.

For 7/8/18 ~ Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Helen has given us a lovely prompt “THINK”  And yes I wish desperately sometimes that I could shut my thoughts off.  No more what if, should have, supposed to.  Enough!

I have been part of #SLS duplicates these last few weeks and while I am honored that great minds THINK alike, I wanted to make sure I gave a stand alone entry this week.  Competitive much?  Why yes, yes I am. But primarily with myself.

I decided to go my own way and post a song that I play when I get in that head space and need to shake it off.  You guys were almost serenaded with T Swift.  But then I decided that was too easy and continued to THINK.  At first I could not land on just one song.  For me picking a favorite is impossible to choose.  Then boom.  Remembering Cat who fought until the end.

Lyrics contained in the video.  Writer(s): Rachel Platten, Dave Bassett

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

If you’d like to join in or listen to what’s out there, here are the Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.