#JusJoJan ~ 1/13/19 – Undiscovered

Teresa prompted us with undiscovered.  Take a look at her site right here – so very good.  Hi Teresa!!!

Is undiscovered a contradiction?

I mean in order to name something don’t you have to discover it first??!?

Duh Jilly!  Use it as a adjective.

Ah okay!  But first you need to know what is an adjective.  You have become sloppy with how you apply the grammar rules.  Or worse … you are all willy nilly and purposefully misspell words.  Gregg would be super disappointed in you.

Do you remember how there was a hard bound Gregg Reference Manual at work and people actuality used it?  And some folks … not you … used to get in heated debates.  And how you would get popcorn from the cafe’ and watch the sparks flying.  Ah good times in 1985 I tell ya.

Now what does the above have to do with undiscovered?  The people want to know.  Well, nuthin.   But what follows does … and it is Sunday.  And we sing on Sunday or we sing every day.  Enjoy …



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As always, more to come.

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She is messy, but she’s kind

Ok somehow when I looked at this on my phone, I saw a blank title.  I added one and updated deleting everything in error.  Oops and boo!!  Take two.

I saw the musical Waitress yesterday.  Loved everything about it.  I saw the movie when it came out.  I remembered Jenna saying the recipes in her head and naming all the pies funny names.  Such a central character; I have a hard time placing anyone other than Keri Russell as Jenna. Though the actress from last night was excellent.  The whole cast was top notch.  Sara Bareilles’ music is fantastic!!!  And the baby was named Lulu.  BONUS!!! <3. As I was looking for a video of my favorite song from the show, I found this gem.  If Adrian is the future of Broadway, we’re in great hands!!  Watch it without happy tears.  I double dog dare you.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

As always, more to come.


#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/12/19 ~ Art

“Saturday in the park I think it was the 4th of July”

Uh no, it is January 2019 in the year of our Lord.  Time once again for #SoCS.  To spice things up #JusJoJan is making an appearance.  Woo Hoo.  Another two-fer on a non Tuesday.

Here is the official prompt provided by the lovely Linda who keeps the wheels rolling no matter what:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “art.” Talk about something that’s hanging on your wall. Add a picture, if you’d like. If you have no art on your walls, talk about something in a museum. Have fun!

After the incident in October 2006, we didn’t put too art much back up on the walls.  We didn’t have much to begin with because we are very selective.  Ha!  Not really.  B could not care less though he does have a penchant for nature scenes.  And me ??  Well I am indecisive.  If I was going to make the first holes in the walls, I wanted everything to be perfect.

This morning I went around the house snapping pictures and realized Lulu is really the only one who decorates.  She draws and paints her own stuff which is splattered over her walls.  No secret that she went through some really rough times and art helped her through.

When I took pictures today, I noticed one of her early works was missing.  The piece was very dark … absolutely heartbreaking to see and read but necessary just the same.  If you know what I mean.  I tried not to be too snoopy but I looked everywhere and I could not find it.

Now I knew she planned to paint over some stuff during the break.  She likes to do that.  Saves on buying new canvas.  Her memory is a steel trap so remembers paintings that were covered up.  I can’t do that and now I wish I had gone around the house taking pictures sooner.  Maybe for the best and covering up her painting showing such pain could mean things are looking up for her.  The replacement is a bright sun. She left some gray and the black is peeking through the edges.

Without further ado, here is the gallery.

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#JusJoJan ~ 1/11/19 – flew/flu/flue

M prompted us with “flew/flu/flue.” Woo hoo what a way to start this Friday!

Hello M! Thanks for the interesting prompt Click here to find her last SoCS post.

Flew as in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Jack Nicholson in his hey day.

Flu as in had it twice in my life that I can recall.  Worse than almost anything else I have gone through except for impacted wisdom teeth.  Even breaking my arm was better than getting the flu.  The fever was the worst.  Is my brain cooking?  Sure felt like it.

Since 1989, I have gotten the flu shot every year to keep the flu at bay.  I am a firm believer in the vax though I know skeptics … my dad included who refused the flu shot saying it always made him sick.  Of course when he was older, the doctor insisted and he went along with it. Lived to be 90 y’all.  Means you should if you haven’t already go on out there and get your shots.

Flue as in we don’t have one of those because our house doesn’t have a fireplace.  I always wanted a house with a fireplace.  Thought it was cool.  Or I thought it was hot stuff.  Why?  Well cause … ya know fire is hot.

Regional tradition dictates and there are fewer fireplaces here than let’s say north Texas or anywhere up and to the right.  I am told the fireplace is more trouble than it’s worth.  Unless you get a fancy gas one but then that sort of defeats the purpose huh?  Give me a camp fire any day.  A responsible camp fire not like those yahoos that cause all kinds of harm.  Anyways, all I know about a flue is you keep it open when the fire is going.  Let’s the smoke out.  Better out than in as Shrek always said.

And on that note, they got the hook and took me off stage.  Lol!  I know I am not funny as in good stand up funny.  Still I laugh and I laugh again at some of this stuff.  Maybe you did too?  Or at least maybe you smirked and cracked a 1/2 smile.  Half smiles are good too.  Now go one out there and be the light in someone’s life.

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#JusJoJan ~ 1/10/19 – Sunrise

Toortsie’s prompted us with sunrise.  Great choice for the prompt.  Sunrise is my favorite part of the day. Look here to see her latest post  

Hi Toortsie! 

These past two mornings we have had beautiful deep red sunrises.  Though red sky at night is a sailor’s delight, these red skies in the morning were fantastic.  I almost stopped the car yesterday so I could take a picture but decided I was in too much of a hurry because I needed to stop for petrol as well.  Uh ya, I said petrol.  What do you call it?  I call it gas unless I am being all hoity-toity.  Shame on me.  I should have taken the picture.

Today I was up at the b’crack of dawn well before sunrise in order to call into a meeting on the east coast.  I drove into the office at sunrise.  How’s that for early??!?  I worked a full day because tomorrow I am taking another ME day.  That way I feel semi-caught up and not guilty about taking off.

I plan to attend a retirement party aka mini-reunion.  And then come home in time to see Lulu off to school.  I miss her already.  After that I will drown my sorrows in a book.  I still have three in the hopper just waiting to be read.

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So, … the Medical Meat Market is not New

This post is 3 years old.  Moved over from FB.

Before I could hit post on the all clear, biopsy site shows no residual melanocytic lesion 👌 a sweet lady approached me as I sat in the lobby of the Nix Hospital. It was all over by 11:25 before my actual appointment. Some times it pays to be early.

“I don’t mean to startle you but you look like someone I know … is that you Jill?”

I almost dropped the phone when I looked up and saw DH.

“Of course I know you D, I’d recognize you anywhere”

You see we are 29 and holding :).  In her eyes, it was easy to see the girls we once were.

Hugs are healing and so is my good fortune to catch up with a dear friend. Small world that her son is a junior at TAMCC. Lulu will be there next year. So much has happened but we tried to get through it all. Makes me realize I should probably go off the grid more often. Face to face beats FB any day.

Feeling thankful and blessed.

We’re going to Downtown Tuesday … the new Friday.  Me and my baby girl.


And now folks, LuLu is the junior.  Time is doing that funny thing again.

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan and #1linerWeds. 1/9/19

Cheers for a two-fer on a non-Tuesday aka Wednesday!!

Recently I took a bunch of snaps to use during #1linerWeds.  I did this since I routinely leave my common place book at home.  I have taken to walking again.  Not talking about walking like I usually do but actually doing it.  And I have photographic evidence to prove!!

I saw this sign on my way back to the office.  The little mom and pop stationery shop will likely be gone before the year is up.  I have seen two other businesses in that space in the three years, three months, and some odd days but who is counting of working downtown.

Not sure how I feel about this.  I enjoyed getting and sending greeting cards but as part of my go-green effort, I switched to e-cards.  Then I got lazy and folks don’t open emails anyway.  Technology keeps advancing.  Wonder what’s next.  As always, more to come.

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P.S. I hope I am wrong about the stationery store.  I’d love for this business to make it!!

#JusJoJan ~ 1/8/19 – Self

Ritu prompted us with self.  Click HERE to find her latest post.  Hi Ritu!  Another awesome prompt.

S – earching

E – lusive

L – oving

F – eeling

In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says:

To thine own self be true

The original meaning was selfish … to put yourself first ABOVE all others and make money.  Then afterwards you can maybe lend a hand to another … or maybe not.

J-Dub’s meaning is borrowed “let your freak flag fly”  Think how fantastic that would be.  I might even pay to see that.  Lol! Mind outta the gutter folks.  Nothing to see here. 🙂

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