#SAS ~ Twofer Tuesday 9/17/19

Good stuff y’all.  Last two songs on the radio before I parked and went inside.  Sister Christian by Night Ranger and We Are Young by Fun


#SAS ~ Twofer Tuesday 9/10/19

I have a new moniker for this re-occurring post.  Not very creative but sort of sassy huh?  Sing Along Songs or #SAS as it will now forever be called is coming to you live.  Or almost live.  Always sponsored by Jack 102.7 FM and always the last two songs on Jilly Dub’s car radio before she parks and enters the building on every Tuesday except for vacation day Tuesdays.  If a vacation day Tuesday ever happens again, she will improvise.

No more third person!  And any hew before I get on with the show, I noticed something.  So far no repeats.  I drive the work the same time daily and one would think eventually I’d hear the same songs.  The music is on a loop after all.  But stats man, they are groovy.  My odds of repeats are lessened with each song added in the mix.  Of course I do hear repeats like a song on Tuesday played a few Wednesdays later on my ride home.  I’m talking about same time, same place, same bat channel.  I am going to track this and see how long we go before a repeat happens.

On tap for today we had – Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb and the Clash’s Rock the Casaba. Hope you enjoy!!

Sing Along Songs of the Day ~ Twofer Tuesday 8/27/19

Same bat station, same bat channel – coming to you live from Jack FM once again.  Only difference is I am not at the office, I am at jury duty.  I parked and walked in to bedlam.  Maybe organized chaos is more apropos.  Have book, will travel.  Not have gun, will travel.  Guns are not allowed up in here.  Time to read the day away.  They never pick me.  Work for an insurance company?  Yes.  Strike only and you’re out of here.

Get to the music Jilly Beans.  Okay!!! You don’t have to tell me twice.  Tell me many times!! Over and over and over again …

First up a duet of delightful followed by my motto.  Love both of these songs.  Definitely time to sing along with the voice the good lord gave me!!

As always. more to come.

You Never Really Know

People man, I tell ya.  Secrets and lies.  Half truths.  Years of infidelity.

I am feeling guilty.  I shared some info with my kid that I thought he needed to know.  Turns out, he could have gone his whole life without knowing.  Ignorance is bliss.

I had good motives but B was right.  He is always right!  I should’ve listened to him.  Shut your mouth!

In the aftermath, Pony shared things with us last night that makes me equals parts angry and sad.  How can people be that way!  He’s no angel but damn, in this case things are leaning towards his side. Breaks my heart to think he carried his burden 10 long years without reaching out.  My offer of you can always talk to me went unaccepted.  Until yesterday.

As I wake up on this deary rainy day. I’m introspective.  Thinking about motivations.  Nurture verses Nature.  What makes good people to bad things.  I’m glad to have the day off.  Don’t think I could work if I tried.  I turn to music to take me away.

As always, more to come.

Homage to the Little Dog

Inspired by my fellow Texan by way of somewhere else maybe?  I need to ask John where he originally hails from one of these days.  I could not find any video of the entire “Where oh where” song.  Those lyrics may be lost forever.

The little dog song as we called it growing up was sometimes coupled with “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” when we broke out the 45s to take a listen.

Reading John’s post reminded me of something from earlier today.  I may not be able to remember all the lyrics of days past but I can retain most of my earlier in the day memories.  Anyhow, Lulu and I were out gallivanting around this tax-free weekend.  Amidst our high-jinx, somehow songs of my youth came up … songs like the one above.  But not that specific song.  Any song we knew by heart.

Our main discussion yet again centered around physical beauty.  You see we had just gotten Mani-pedi’s.  The torture pure spa luxury we go through!  I mentioned how my hands really show my age and make me look ninety!


Lulu tells me not to say things like that.  And that even 90 year old hands are beautiful.  And like that “Everything is Beautiful” by Ray Stevens popped into my head.

Ah now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.

Sing Along Song of the Day 7/3/19

Monday 7/1/19, at Uncle Bubbie’s service, I sung every word of this song remembering by heart.  My mind wandered as it always does to being in St. Margaret Mary’s church at weekly Friday Mass many moons ago.  40 years to be exact!!!  Hey we missed our anniversary :(.  Our once strong community has splintered apart forming new communities.  The school has closed.  The rectory is gone and the plot of green grass in its’ place looks quite a bit smaller.  Still many elements remain the same.  That Church will always be home.

Aaaahhh I am at peace.  This song brings me comfort.  Remembering those who have gone before … recently to all the way back to May 1967 when I was too young to know what was happening yet the events deeply impacted who I am today.  And as Sr. Angelee always said “C’mon boys and girls! Sing out loud with the voice the good Lord gave you!!!”

As always, more to come.